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News And Rumors

August 27, 2009

It is time for another News And Rumors post, so without further delay, here are the latest tidbits to come across my desk recently…..

Cielo 29″er?- That’s Right!: Many of you who are fans of the handmade bicycle shows will recognize Cielo as the marque brought to life by Chris King. (Yes…..that Chris King!). Most examples of Mr. King’s handiwork have been in the form of classically inspired road rigs. Well, news has reached me that two Chris King employees will be cruising Eurobike next week on handmade Cielo 29″er single speed hard tails. One of those two belongs to Chris DeStefano, who was kind enough to forward a couple images to me.

That is a new Cris King Inset in a steel frame with some cool detailing on the head tube, and of course, the head badge.

S&S couplers make traveling with this bike a snap.

And a view of the entire rig.

If you happen to be at Eurobike, be on the lookout for this one. (Thanks Chris for the pics!)

Thievery In Europe: Speaking of Eurobike, Santa Cruz, who planned on showing the new Tall Boy 29″er for the first time, had the rig pinched, (along with a slew of other cycling gear and bikes) from a U.K. warehouse where it had been shipped prior to the show. Word from Santa Cruz’s Mark Ferrentino is that this was the first complete, ride able Tall Boy in the world, so it won’t be easy to hide this carbon fiber rig. You can read the details here. Of course, if you have any leads on the whereabouts of this rig, get a hold of Santa Cruz directly: Tel: 831.459.7560
Fax: 831.459.7561

Blackbuck Gets Bigger and Smaller!: One of my personal favorite 29″ers, the OS Bikes Blackbuck, is rumored to be going back into production for another run of frames. Only this time there will be more than one size.

If the original size didn’t fit you, maybe one of the two new sizes will.

Word is that there will be one size smaller and one size bigger than the original Blackbuck size, which I would characterize as a Large. Some may recall that there were a few 650B wheeled Blackbucks made in a size smaller than the 29″er, but this will not be done again. All the future Blackbucks will be 29″ers. So, if you are one of the lucky few to have grabbed a 650b Blackbuck, you have got a rare one!

Eurobike Next Week: This show, which has gained pre-eminence amongst the trade shows for bicycles, is grabbing more of the limelight when it comes to 29″ers. As previously mentioned, the first ride able 29″er Tall Boy was to have bowed here, and Niner Bikes new carbon hard tail is being hand delivered to the show to make its very first appearance to the public. surely there will be a few more tidbits, such as American Classic’s new wheels that are reported to be tubeless ready, and probably some other things we don’t know of. Check out this space next week for any bits we get forwarded to us in the coming days.


Santa Cruz Tall Boy 29"er FS: Update

July 23, 2009

Some new information has surfaced via the Santa Cruz blog, “104bronson” and here is the latest on this technologicaly advanced rig set to hit the dirt late in 2009.


Here’s some of the text from the latest blog posting….

“Carbon fiber frame – This’ll be our third carbon fiber bike, and the more time we spend working with the material, the more we are able to push into new definitions of stiffness and strength. Following in line with what we were able to achieve with the carbon Blur XC and LT models, we’re kicking around Tallboy frames that weigh right about 5 pounds (with shock) and are so insanely flex-free and fun handling that they blow all our earlier assumptions about big wheels and chassis flex right out of the water. Tapered head tubes, massive but super light chainstays and rear triangles, absolutely rock solid frames, and they’re still around 2 pounds lighter than most of the similarly targeted competition. Super stiff, super strong, super snappy.

VPP suspension – The Tallboy will have 100mm of travel. The lower link features the same 15mm aluminum pivot axles, titanium hardware, angular contact bearings, grease ports, durability and ease of maintenance as found on our Blur LT. There’s also a carbon fiber upper link, with the same trick hardware and angular contact bearings on the big axle. Clean, neutral pedaling without bob or feedback, and plush bump eating suspension performance across the board.


Dialed geometry – Big wheels work well for a lot of people, but are a godsend for the big and tall set. As such, we’re sizing the Tallboy all the way up to XXL – which comes with an appropriately Andre the Giant approved 25.9″ top tube and 45.6″ wheelbase. All Tallboys otherwise feature the same short and stiff 17.5″ chainstays and sweet handling characteristics. They’re designed to excel in the “fun to race, really fun to rip singletrack, go for a big huge ride and come home with a sore face from grinning all day long” spectrum of riding.

Amazing weight claims and stiffness claims for a nearly four inch travel rig. It will be interesting to see how users will eventually kit these out, but if the claims are true, we fully expect to see rigs down near the 22.5-23.5 pound range. Price? As they say, if you have to ask………

Stay Tuned!

News And Rumors

May 20, 2009

Brant “Tweaks” The Name: Due to a technicality, Brant Richards of Shedfire Design has decided to go from using the name ‘tweak” for his new line of bicycles to “Ragley”, which was the working model name for the titanium frame we reported on earlier. So far, Ragley has three versions of it’s long travel hardtail in the works. One each in aluminum, steel, and titanium. These bikes are 26″ers, but a 29″er model is in the works. Stay tuned.

Santa Cruz Confirms Carbon 29″er: In this report from Bike Radar, Santa Cruz Bikes owner, Rob Rosokopp confirms that the 29″er, (or at least one model) will be made in carbon fiber. Stating that chassis stiffness was a main priority with regards to designing a 29″er, we can expect a stiff, solid frame with the signature VPP suspension to be seen “sometime before Interbike”. Stay tuned for any further developments.

Scott To Enter With 29″ers For 2010: From an anonymous source, I have learned that Scott has two hardtail 29″ers in the works to be released in the fall. These two bikes will be in aluminum and are just the tip of the iceberg for Scott and 29″ers. I am told that there exists a very strong possibility that a geared carbon fiber hardtail is in the works that would tip the scales at well below 20lbs. Look for more details to surface in the coming months.

RST Revamps M-80 29″er Fork?: I have heard also that RST has a new pre-production version of a 29″er fork going out to testers soon. Is it the revamped M-80 picked as one of the Top Ten Products by this site for 2007? We will be very interested in this development. If the new RST fork makes some improvements over the old model M-80, it would be a welcomed product and most likely a big hit. As always, we will bring you any further news as it is received.

Santa Cruz 29"er Project In The Works

May 15, 2009

It was revealed yesterday in a post from Santa Cruz’s blog that the long time 29″er hold out is working on a 29″er project due to be unveiled “before Interbike”. This would become a 29″er that most mountain bikers not into big wheelers will look to as a litmus test on the format. Santa Cruz has long been highly regarded as one of the premeir trail bike companies with models from the Bullet to the new carbon Blur XC all raising the bar along the way in the eyes of many mountain bikers.

Citing the lack of suitable trail worthy components, Santa Cruz says 29″ers have been on their radar but considered not up to snuff for them to make one. Now they claim since the materials technology, component design, and ride performance are all at a high level for 29″ers, they are going to jump in the 29″er market with a bike that will not only get them on the bandwagon but one that will be “hijacking the damn bandwagon“, in their words.

Not many details are available at this time, but the indications are that the bike will be a full suspension model with VPP suspension. Squeezing out much more than 4 inches of travel with a VPP 29″er will require some trickery not seen before, so I do not look for anything beyond that travel for the rear. Santa Cruz states that “… the challenge of packaging some decent suspension into a bike and still having a manageable chainstay and wheelbase length” is important, so getting these attributes from a VPP design is going to limit travel expectations.

Some rumors are floating about also that Santa Cruz will offer the 29″er in aluminum and carbon. This would be a big surprise if true, and it is doubtfull that going into the 29″er market for the first time that they would commit to a carbon 29″er out of the box. This is pure conjecture though, so don’t take that as gospel. It’s just my opinion on the matter.

At any rate, this will be a big development in 29″ers and will bear watching closely as the summer months set in. Stay tuned!