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Sea Otter 2009 : Urban Goods Part I

April 17, 2009

2Michelin Tires is offering a puncture protection, Protek, in two variants: a 1.5mm thickness foam under the tread only, or a much thicker version that also covers the bead and part way up the sidewalls.  There is said to be many sizes but we are waiting for the press release to know full details.

1Sonoma Bicycles were on display, unfortunately no one was manning the booths for inquiring eyes and minds.  From a little Google searching I learned that these shaft drive bikes start at $350 for beach cruisers up to $499 for the Urban Voyager.  Hopefully in the near future we will see a shaft drive bike that doesn’t weigh 40 lbs!

Charge Bikes are hitting the coast, and with good timing.  With the fixie-flatland taking off in the states we need something a bit tougher for those hard hitting crowd, more than a Bianchi Pista could take.


$1300 for a titanium Plug frame, let us know if you want to be top on the list for this guy.  (It sure is pretty though.)


A more reasonable $700 for a Plug complete bike made out of Tange.