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Team "NASA Niner" Win Honors In Italy

May 25, 2009

News reaches us here at Twenty Nine Inches of a win by the “NASA Niner” Team in Italy at the 24 Hours of Finale in the Regione Leguria of Italy. The win is notable for several reasons. One: 29″ers are not seen as reasonable choices for competition amongst the general mountain biking populace in Europe. Two: the win was realized by six men in the eight person category, and all six riders were aboard single speed Niners. Three: Added to this was the Solo Women’s category which was won by NASA Niner rider Rebecca Tomaszewski, also riding a Niner, albeit a geared one.



Congratulations to NASA Team Niner, which included U.S. riders Dejay Birtch and John “Fuzzy” Milne, and Rebecca Tomaszewski on their achievements “across the pond”. It will be interesting to see if this will effect any changes in attitude amongst the mountain biking cognoscenti in Europe.