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Eurobike: The Pictures

September 7, 2009

While I wasn’t able to get to Eurobike to check out all the 29″er goodness shown there, we were kindly forwarded some images taken by someone who was there. Taken originally for posting on “Twenty Niner“, a European based website for fans of big wheelers there, this is a small sampling of what was seen at the biggest trade show for bicycles in the world. (Editor’s Note: All pictures courtesey of Ellen Kreipe)


Here we have the Intense Tracer 29″er we got a sneak peek of a few days ago with the production hydro-formed top tube. The green color was retained for this example and we like it.


Here’s a closer look at the rear swing arm. We are hearing it will have adjustable travel from 4.75″ to 5.75″. Any guesses as to where most folks will set their travel at on these? (We’re guessing at the longer end of the scale)


Kona’s 2010 Unit. With a sweet dark metallic green paint job, and very subtle graphics, this bike will belie it’s “caffeinated” nature. The spec sheet lists head tube angles either side of 73 degrees depending on size and a 45mm fork offset on the rigid, steel P2 fork.


We’ve had the new Santa Cruz Tall Boy on the site before. Eurobike was the official “coming out party” for this rig. Here’s a look at the sano rear triangle. This bike complete is over the 5K barrier, but we’re willing to bet the first run of these will be gone rather quickly.


Can you say “titanium”? This rig, under the brand name “Paduano”, an Italian maker, was shown with just about everything titanium you can imagine. Integrated seat mast, stem, bar ends, handle bar, fork, and with the addition of a belt drive, it should make for a very, very light bike. Paduano also makes a bike similar to the one in the backround with 29″er wheels that is a combination of titanium and carbon fiber.


Another Italian marque, Nevi, who have shown 29″ers before at Eurobike, return with this titanium example. A titanium fork with an integrated brace, apparently in an effort to intercept twisting forces, has a segmented crown. The rear modular drop outs are said to be movable to accommodate the swap to 26 inch wheels if desired.


Specialized, who brought an enormous display to Eurobike, had their full line up of 2010 29″ers on display.


The Felt booth had their aluminum hard tails on show. The Felt Nine Race is a mostly XT spec’ed bike that retails for $2499.99


The Felt Nine Comp is a mostly SRAM mix of X-5/X-7 and features a Manitou Drake suspension fork for a MSRP of 1199.99.

Kaos Custom Bikes Titanium 36"er

September 5, 2009

While many just can not wrap their heads around 36 inch wheels, and think the whole idea is silly, it just doesn’t seem to go away. Case in point: This sano titanium 36″er from Kaos Custom Bikes from down under in Australia.


Andy from Kaos Custom Bikes sent us the following specs on the bike:

The tyres are Nightriders from as are the Stealth rims.
They are fitted up tubeless using a selection of tape, Stans NoTubes sealant, and bolt in valves
from car wheels.
Removal of the tube saves 600g. The hubs are Hope. the rear is a Pro II single speed fitted with 6 cogs
from a Sram cassette. The group set is SRAM Select with the 2 smallest rings fitted on the front.
Brakes are the new Avid Elixer 5 fitted to Hope rotors. The rotors are 183mm from M4 down hill brakes.
All the tubes in the frame are Straight gauge .9mm wall.
The fork is 35mm legs with 1.5mm wall tubes

Andy claims the bike rides like a dream on the rear wheel.

Like most 36″ers, there is a bit of flex going on. Andy concurs with this saying, “It is a bit flexy when out of the saddle but fine when seated or on the back wheel.
Rides great on the back wheel.”
Andy also chimes in with what probably is the number one attribute of riding a 36″er- you get noticed- a lot! Andy says, “For the moment it is really great fun and turns heads big time. Its one of those “mobile phone salute” bikes.” Andy also tells us to look for more on the Kaos Custom Bikes site soon on the 36″er.

Interesting to note that this one has tubeless wheels which I would imagine ups the roll ability of the 36″er dramatically. I have only ridden tubed 36″ers and they can be a chore to get going in part due to the rolling resistance of the tire/tube combination and the weight. Getting 600 grams out of the tires has to help a bit!

Andy tells us this won’t be the last one that Kaos Custom Bikes does either saying, “This is the first one and the next will likely have 1.5mm tubes all round and some other detail changes. Its been a long time since I built my first uni wheel and got the idea.” We’ll have to wait to see more, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone else pushing the limits of 36″er technology soon. There just seems to be something there that grabs the imagination of some folks. Whatever it is, it is fun to check out.

29"er DH: The Final Frontier?

September 1, 2009

Despite the many views purporting that 29″ers are not going to make a good down hill oriented rig, (And I have held that view myself), there are some who are willing to push the envelope of what is possible with the wagon wheels. Of course, it isn’t as easy as one might think. Frame design has to be very carefully engineered to keep the wheel base, bottom bracket, handle bar height, and chain stay lengths within reason. Not only that, but there needs to be components to match, such as tires, rims, and forks.

These things have kept most 29″er down hill rig dreams just that: Dreams. However; with the advent of longer travel 29″ers, the component manufacturers have started to address the needs of this sort of rig in a way that now makes a 29″er down hill rig even more feasible than ever before. That is not to say it hasn’t been done before. No, there are already 29 inch wheeled down hill rigs out. WaltWorks design comes to mind. However; a new design that is currently being tested is now probably the most promising design with big wheels yet. That is from the mind and hands of Devin Lenz and his LenzSport Bikes company. Check out this rig………

LenzSport prototype DH rig.

Here are some hard numbers on this proto:
* 175mm travel on both ends.
* 14.25″ BB height.
* 65.5* HTA.
* 17.25″ CS.
* 6 speed, 13-28 cassette.
* 38.5# as pictured.

So far the feedback has been very positive, but there are still some challenges ahead. If things get sorted on this front, it may well be the “final frontier” for 29″er bikes and will certainly be a surprise to those who for years said “it can’t be done”. Interesting times for big wheeled fans, to be sure!

Niner Carbon Air 9 Update

August 31, 2009

Well, some good build pics of Niner’s new carbon fiber hard tail frame have been published to Niner’s FaceBook page. Here’s a look for you…..

The new SRAM XX group features heavily on this bike with American Classics newly updated 29″er wheels which we are hearing are tubeless ready.

Large cross section carbon fiber shapes lead us to think this will be one stiff frame.

The top tube flows seamlessly into the seat stays. Straighter carbon fiber strands are stronger, which Niner also takes advantage of in its new carbon fork.

We’ll post more as we get the information. Stay tuned………

Foes Racing B-29: Sneak Peek!

August 26, 2009

We saw the Foes Racing B-29 prototype at Sea Otter earlier this spring. However; Brent Foes said there needed to be tweaks and redesigns of some of the frame details before it would be approved for limited production. Well, it looks as though that day is nigh.

The frame has been undergoing several revisions and now will be offered as a frame with the Curnutt damper at the end of September for an MSRP of $2999.00. There is said to be a Fox RP23 option in the works which is slated to become available in January.


We are working on getting a first ride of the production frame after Eurobike next week. Stay tuned for more……

In other Foes news, the Cyclistsite, our sister website, is working on getting a ride and report on Foes racing’s commuter rig, the Pasadena. Click the links for more.

Ragley Bikes Announces New "Alt" Bar: Carnegie's

August 20, 2009

In my never ending pursuit of bar nirvana, I am always pleased to see new additions to the fold of “alternative bars”. Brant Richards, designer at his own Shedfire company, has released details on a new update on an old theme that he was also involved in designing. (You’ll guess the name of that bar in an instant!). Called the “Carnegie’s Bar” for an actual bar that Brant walked into once in Taiwan. This bar should find a good audience with 29″er freaks.

Mr. Richards states that this is a “premium product, proven under rigorous testing, and made from the best materials around.” Lots of folks praised the previous effort for its relief of wrist pain, comfort for long distance events, and for control in technical terrain. This new design should be a continuance of those traits in a burlier, strong package.

Besides the 25 degree sweep, the bar allows for mountain bike controls to easily be placed on the approximately 170mm extensions on the ends with room for standard sized grips as shown in the image below.

Look familiar?

The Carnegie’s Bar will feature a 31.8mm clamp area for strength.

Brant has this to say about the geometry of this bar.

Width is 685mm tip to tip, but puts your hands effectively in the same position as my old 700mm wide bar. Geometry is 25deg sweep with a 33mm forward wiggle to keep the controls in the right sort of place. It nominally has a 38mm rise, though this is lessened a bit when you angle the bar back and down for comfort.

Key features of the Carnegie’s Bar are as follows:

-31.8mm oversize clamp for maximum stiffness and strength
-7075-T6 triple butted construction for durability and strength too.
-Weighs in at under 300g (just under).
-Shot peened finish for stress relief
-CEN tested and passed to 200,000 cycles

The Carnegie’s Bar is available through Ragley Bikes and will run approximately £39.99 (UK) or about $57.00 USD.

Velocity Announces New Rim: P35

August 19, 2009

Velocity U.S.A. announced today a new 35mm wide rim co-designed by Kirk Pacenti. The rim, dubbed the P35, will be available by Interbike time and will be made for 26, 650B, and 29 inch sizes. Following are some images, and a Press release from Velocity.

P35 1  White Bkgd

Velocity is proud to announce the newest rim to join our line. The Pacenti 35 or P35 will be available in late September of 2009, just in time for the Interbike show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The P35 is named after its co-designer, frame builder and bicycle designer Kirk Pacenti, a nineteen year veteran in the bicycle industry; widely recognized for his work as a material supplier to the best custom framebuilders in the US and his development of the 650b wheel size for mountain bike use.

The P35 is designed for the cross country/all mountain rider craving a laterally stiff yet weight conscious rim that is still tough enough for the occasional Super – D race. At 35mm wide the P35 gives you one of the fattest footprints available which will float over the rough stuff and give you more bite and greater tread use through the turns. All of this and still weighing in at less than 600 grams in the 29er size! The P35 is 22mm deep with an inside width of 29.5mm which will accommodate a wide array of tire widths to cater to your riding preferences. In addition the P35 was designed to easily accommodate a tubeless application.

The P35 will be available in 26”, 650b, and 29”. 32 and 36 hole will be available in all sizes, and 28 hole will be available in 26” black only. We here at Velocity love giving you color options so you can customize your bike. You will see all sizes in black, silver, white, red and the very flashy antifreeze green. The decal bears the trusted Velocity name and flaunts the signature of its designer Kirk Pacenti.

Together we’ve made the rim you have been waiting for, and we think you are really going to like it.


Outside Width: 35mm
Inside Width: 29.5mm
Depth: 22mm

29”: 595g
650b: 570g
26”: 535g

The P35 will be available through QBP, BTI, J&B and as always direct from Velocity USA.

And a statement from Kirk Pacenti himself:

“Over the last couple years I have developed a great working relationship with Velocity USA. So when John Black asked me to take a look at a rim they were considering for production I was happy to offer an opinion.

We discovered that the features we each wanted in a new rim were very similar, so I offered John a couple rim designs I happened to be working on, and we quickly settled on the P-35™ design.

Working on the P-35™ rim with Velocity USA has been an incredibly positive experience for me; one that I hope to repeat in the near future with them. I could not be more please with the way the P-35™ turned out. Velocity nailed the execution of my design. Their craftsmanship, combined with the myriad of rim sizes, drillings, color and graphic options come together to create products that are second to none in our industry.”

Kirk Pacenti

We’ll bring more news as it becomes available.

Raleigh 2010 Sneak Peek: Update

August 19, 2009

Raleigh marketing wonk Brain Fornes got me some glamor shots of the new XXIX Pro and the single speed XXIX for us all to enjoy. The two bikes are steel framed rigs. The XXIX Pro being 853 Reynolds and the XXIX being a double butted 4130 CroMo tube set. New colors and some cool details are here, so without further rambling from me, here are some images………

2010 XXIX Pro with SRAM XX, Fox F80 FIT 15QR, and Avid Elixir brakes.

The XX crank is a double ring set up. Carbon fiber of course. Note the XX front mech too.

My favorite part of the graphics on the XXIX Pro. I’m calling him, “Mexi-Skelton Dude”!

More “Mexi-Skeloton Dude”, XX rear mech, Mavic rims, alloy nips. Prowler shoes on this sample.

Blue ano 15QR hub on the Fox FIT F80 fork.

2010 XXIX. Can you say “green”?

Anodized alloy nips on powder coated to match rims.

Matching anodized Cane Creek head set

Ummm…………ahhh……..yeeeah. Not sure what to say about this!

Oh! Thanks for the suggestion!

Now here we have a big change. Split shell eccentric bottom bracket with replaceable Nylock nuts. This should keep the XXIX single speed-able for years to come! (Note: The production bike will have the EBB reversed from this pre-production sample.)


That’s all folks! Hopefully we’ll be able to test ride the XXIX Pro at Interbike and bring you more complete 2010 Raleigh 29″er news soon.

Editor’s Note: Picture Credit to Brian Fornes.

2010 Gary Fisher Bikes 29"ers: Sneak Peek!

August 12, 2009

Well, Trek World opened to dealers today and the information is coming out now on the 29″er line up for 2010. Without further adieu……

Superfly 100: $5300.00

Rumblefish II $3800.00

Rumblefish I $2600.00

HiFi Pro: $3300.00

HiFi Deluxe: $2500.00

Superfly: $4000.00

Hi Fi Plus: $2200.00

Mamba: $879.00

Rig: $1350.00

X-Cal: $1500.00

Paragon: $1999.00

Note: These prices are MSRP and are subject to change. Thanks to an anonymous trek World attendee for the images and info!

Gary Fisher 2010 Rumblefish 29"er: Update

August 10, 2009

“Trek World”, the dealer preview of Trek and Gary Fisher Bikes 2010 lineups is set to take place this week and Mr. Fisher himself is crusing the show floor and posting up images on his Twitter pic feed. Here’s a few teasers he has posted today on the upcoming Rumblefish FS 29″er….(Note: All images from Gary Fisher’s Twitter Pics)


Here is the bottom bracket/swingarm area of a frame on display. (Note: Not stock color. Fisher and Trek use white frames to demonstrate features to dealers and show attendees) The bottom bracket will use “drop in bearings”, but there is no word on which standard it is that is employed. We’re betting it is BB90. Note the direct mount for the front mech.


Detail of the shock mount on the demonstration frame.


An image showing the actual bike. Gary Fisher states that it will have 120mm travel. This frame is looking rather like the 26 inch Roscoe frame and design. At Interbike, I got a chance to ride the 26 inch sled and I thought it performed very well. If the Rumblefish can attain to the level of performance that the Roscoe has, then I am thinking it will be one of the hottest full suspension 29″ers for 2010. Time will tell.

For fun I looked back and here is what I had to say about the Roscoe on September 28th, 2008:

Now why in the world do you think I would be riding this bike? (Think: The Future). The Roscoe was a really fun trail bike with an incredibly stiff frame, plush suspension, and the ABP brake pivot system, which I found to be extremely effective at reducing the rear brake chatter going into corners. Perhaps……just maybe someday we’ll be seeing something like this with a bit bigger wheels coming from Fisher. It would only make the design better, of course!

Looks like “that day” is upon us!

Stay tuned for more….