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Safety and the 29er

June 6, 2005

Q. Are twenty nine inch wheels safer then their twenty six inch counter parts?

A. 29 inch wheels offer greater control by athletes when racing under stress. The 29 inch wheel has a lower angle of attack to obstacles such as rocks and roots. Bikes are less likely to be forced off the trail and riders are less likely to flip off their bikes causing personal injury. 29 inch wheel bikes also feature lower bottom brackets in relation to the center of the axle of the wheels. The lower ‘drop’ results in a lower center of gravity, giving riders more control when racing.

Taken from documentation provided by Fisher Bikes

29er Q&A with Lennard Zinn

May 31, 2005

Dear Lennard,

I’m seriously contemplating moving myself to a mountain bike with 29-inch wheels.

So my first question is, do you buy into the various arguments leveled by the 29er proponents about the inherent superiority of 29ers over a 26er (e.g. – decreased rolling resistance on both rough and smooth trail)? I have been reasonably successful at long mountain bike races (I was third at the Durango MTB100 this summer, and 22nd, 17th, and 15th at the Leadville 100 in previous years).

I don’t want to do anything to compromise my strength – long races with lots of climbing – and it’s darn near impossible to find out if a good 29er will help, hinder, or not affect my performance without buying one. Hence my asking the advice of people whose opinion I value.


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