The Cyclist is about riding a bicycle. Celebrating the bicycles, gear, and all the cyclist who take to the streets, pavement, dirt roads, and mountains on two wheels. If you love bicycles and riding them, then you are a cyclist and this site is for you. We hope you find entertainment, enlightenment, and fun here. Now take some time, read our articles, leave some comments and then go for a ride. We highly recommend it!

About Arleigh Jenkins:

Our resident daily commuter and mountain bike specialist, Arleigh started her cycling career as a road racer many years ago. When she moved to Charlotte, NC from Annapolis, MD 4 years ago she really grew to love mountain biking and using her bike as a mode of transportation. You will find her on one of her MANY bikes riding trails, commuting from Mooresville to her work in Charlotte or racing cyclocross in the fall.
An avid mechanic, having wrenched for several pro cyclist and is well known in the area from being one of the very few female mechanics. When not working at the shop or providing neutral support to cycling events in the area. If you need to know about a niche product or the latest greatest single speed. Lover of utility bikes, single speeds, steel and a good latte she brings something new daily to The Cyclist and keeps us all on our toes.

Arleigh Jenkins is incredibly familiar with a wide variety of cyclists needs from neighborhood cruisers, to serious commuters & niche 29″ mountain bike riders – Scott, a site reader

About Guitar Ted:
Hey .. talk about yourself now.

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