Eurobike: Seen And Heard

Eurobike, the huge industry trade show held in Friedrichshafen, Germany, has news related to 29″er freaks to chew on. Let’s take a look at what is the scuttlebut from across the pond. Most of which is tire related, by the way…..

WTB Tires: We are hearing that the WTB WeirWolf LT will be joined by a “full tread” version of that model in a 29 inch size for 2010. The 26″er model has been completely revamped, but there is no confirmation at this time that the 29 inch version will be like the newer 26″er one. We are also expecting WTB to be releasing the 29 inch version of the Wolverine, but we have not seen any mention of this in any of the Eurobike coverage as yet.

Commuter Tire: WTB also has an urban line under the name “Freedom Bicycle“. This line carries products that are designed by WTB but geared more towards urban and utility cyclists. This line has a commuter 29″er tire called the “Cruz Tire” which is offered in three levels. The top of the line model has a reflective strip, “Urban Armor Casing” and a wire bead. The next tier does away with the reflective strip, and the entry level is a plain wire bead model without the “Urban Armor”.

Freedom Bicycle’s Cruz Tire which comes in a 29 X 2.0 size.

Michelin: Michelin, which has long been rumored to have had another model of 29″er tire in development, finally revealed it at Eurobike. Based on its former “Dry” XC tire, but renamed the “Wild Race’r”, the tire will be a 2.1″er labled tire. No word on whether it would be tubeless ready or not, although this was initially rumored to be the case at one time. The currently offered “XC AT” will now be known as the “Wild Grip’r” but there is no word on whether or not it will get the beefier side knobs Michelin is now putting on the 26″er Wild Grip’r.

Stan’s NoTubes Announces New 29″er Rim: Stan’s has revamped much of its XC rim line up including a refreshing of the 355 ZTR. The new model, dubbed the “ZTR Summit”, will be a slightly wider rim at the inside at 21mm with an overall width of 24mm. The weight is reported to be a bit lighter at 340 grams. Slightly shorter sidewalls and the slight increase in the rim well width is said to “stabilize tires as well as most 30mm rims.” The 29″er size of the ZTR Summit will only be available as a 32 hole drilling per Stan’s literature.

More news as we get it. Stay tuned……..


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No Responses to “Eurobike: Seen And Heard”

  1. Wish I Were Riding Says:

    I’d love the Stans 29er ZTR Summit, but I highly doubt this:

    “Slightly shorter sidewalls and the slight increase in the rim well width is said to “stabilize tires as well as most 30mm rims.””

    Also, I wouldn’t touch the 355 at my weight of 185lbs, so I kind of doubt the newer lighter Summit is going to work for me either. Guess I’ll have to stick with Flows.

  2. Shop Mechanic Says:

    I tried a 355 and I also weigh 185 and that wheel couldn’t go one ride without going out of true. My Flow on the other hand has been solid.

  3. Shop Mechanic Says:

    Why the rumors? Don’t people have cameras over there? Shouldn’t it be easy to confirm this stuff?

  4. Sam Says:

    My 355 have been rock solid and I weigh close to 200lbs. I have one set built on AM Classic geared hubs which are over two years old. Another set built on Chub hubs. Sometimes I wonder about the build quality vs. the riding, since I built them I know there were rock solid to begin with. As the application these are XC rims, not freeride. I don’t go off jumps bigger that 4-feet with the bikes these wheels are on.

  5. Oderus Says:

    @Shop Mechanic……of course they have cameras but they are all metric. Metric photos are different from SAE photos and so you can’t just take a picture and post it. Their internets are metric as well. I mean, gosh, c’mon!

  6. t0m Says:

    Even lighter versions of Stans 355 (should be called “410” for 29″)? That doesn’t seem like a great idea and I’m 170 lbs. Was Stan’s saying the 29er rim would weigh 330g? Seems more like that would be the 26″ weight.

    The current 26″ 355 weighs around 365-380g. I’m assuming the weight difference will be ~35g less for the 29er size as well, making them around 375g. How light can a big aluminum rim be? I have chosen slightly heavier rims for years and I’ll take extra reliability and strength for an extra 40 grams any day of the week.

    For racers, that’s great news. They can buy about 9 of the new Stan’s rim for the price of one Edge carbon rim.

  7. RubberBoy Says:

    Like many of the above, I find the narrow rim design to be lacking. Tires need to open up for a good grip, and for an adequate interface with the rim.

    Heck, if reducing weight is so important to one, one should ride 23c tires….Granted, before any one raises the point, for XC racing weight is crucial. One should spend hours before the race snipping unnecessary knobs off their tires and cutting down their nails until their fingers bleed. Oh, don’t forget to shave the legs – every gram counts! :).

    Final note, I believe Bontrager, which practically introduced the tubeless system, does not offer rims narrower than 24mm. They must know something…

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