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It is time for another News And Rumors post, so without further delay, here are the latest tidbits to come across my desk recently…..

Cielo 29″er?- That’s Right!: Many of you who are fans of the handmade bicycle shows will recognize Cielo as the marque brought to life by Chris King. (Yes…..that Chris King!). Most examples of Mr. King’s handiwork have been in the form of classically inspired road rigs. Well, news has reached me that two Chris King employees will be cruising Eurobike next week on handmade Cielo 29″er single speed hard tails. One of those two belongs to Chris DeStefano, who was kind enough to forward a couple images to me.

That is a new Cris King Inset in a steel frame with some cool detailing on the head tube, and of course, the head badge.

S&S couplers make traveling with this bike a snap.

And a view of the entire rig.

If you happen to be at Eurobike, be on the lookout for this one. (Thanks Chris for the pics!)

Thievery In Europe: Speaking of Eurobike, Santa Cruz, who planned on showing the new Tall Boy 29″er for the first time, had the rig pinched, (along with a slew of other cycling gear and bikes) from a U.K. warehouse where it had been shipped prior to the show. Word from Santa Cruz’s Mark Ferrentino is that this was the first complete, ride able Tall Boy in the world, so it won’t be easy to hide this carbon fiber rig. You can read the details here. Of course, if you have any leads on the whereabouts of this rig, get a hold of Santa Cruz directly: Tel: 831.459.7560
Fax: 831.459.7561

Blackbuck Gets Bigger and Smaller!: One of my personal favorite 29″ers, the OS Bikes Blackbuck, is rumored to be going back into production for another run of frames. Only this time there will be more than one size.

If the original size didn’t fit you, maybe one of the two new sizes will.

Word is that there will be one size smaller and one size bigger than the original Blackbuck size, which I would characterize as a Large. Some may recall that there were a few 650B wheeled Blackbucks made in a size smaller than the 29″er, but this will not be done again. All the future Blackbucks will be 29″ers. So, if you are one of the lucky few to have grabbed a 650b Blackbuck, you have got a rare one!

Eurobike Next Week: This show, which has gained pre-eminence amongst the trade shows for bicycles, is grabbing more of the limelight when it comes to 29″ers. As previously mentioned, the first ride able 29″er Tall Boy was to have bowed here, and Niner Bikes new carbon hard tail is being hand delivered to the show to make its very first appearance to the public. surely there will be a few more tidbits, such as American Classic’s new wheels that are reported to be tubeless ready, and probably some other things we don’t know of. Check out this space next week for any bits we get forwarded to us in the coming days.


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14 Responses to “News And Rumors”

  1. Wish I Were Riding Says:

    I do not like waiting for the new “small” BlackBuck. I want one now!

  2. Epoxy boy Says:

    Hmmm…I thought Chris King was totally against integrated headsets, but on it’s own frame it sure looks like one….

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    @Epoxy boy: Well, you are partially correct in that Chris King is against certain aspects of the integrated headset idea. That said, it is obvious that moving forward it would behoove Chris King to address the idea with a component that takes into consideration the issues he has with the idea of integrated/internal/semi-integrated head sets.

    This Inset is that component that addresses those issues. You might not agree with the way that it has been done, but I do not see it as a “selling out” of their position on the idea. In fact, King has had an alternative all along with the Perdido head set. Check out King’s site sometime and read up on it. I think you’ll come away with a better idea of what they are up to.

  4. GenghisKhan Says:

    That CK Cielo is oh so heavenly…

  5. grannygear Says:

    Ooooo. I will take 2 (one for you as well…I am a giver!)

  6. Shop Mechanic Says:

    I feel that the Inset is totally in line with the CK philosophy and was way overdue. It is simply an internal headset not an integrated headset. It has a press fit just like the nothreadset. The main difference being that the cups are inside the frame rather than outside. Compare this to the Shimano outboard bearing bottom brackets relative to BB30. Similar deal just ignore that the Shimano bb threads in. 🙂 The perido was a very short lived product (1 year maybe?) and was similar but it required that you take a specific frame style and then use special cutting tools made by king to cut into the frame in order to size it to fit the perido. Not a very appetizing idea to customers or mechanics.

  7. Epoxy boy Says:

    Thanks everyone for the responses – I didn’t know that it was internal vs. integrated. Anyway, I love CK headsets and have nothing against integrated nor internal – and it does look very nice on that frame. As long as grannygear is getting 2, maybe another for me? 🙂

  8. bikedaddy29 Says:

    GT – Will that sweeet CK headset play well with my 2009 Fisher hardtail and my Fox F29.

  9. Davidcopperfield Says:

    Okay nice rumours, but now what about first euro based FS 29er? LaPierre?

  10. padrefan Says:

    bikedaddy– I’m not GT, but the King “Inset” will work: from Chris King’s own site: “compatible headtubes such as models from Giant, Trek, Gary Fisher, Santa Cruz, Jamis and Pivot.”

  11. Shop Mechanic Says:

    @bikedaddy Yes the inset will work on your fisher.

  12. Jimmythefly Says:

    More Blackbuck sizes is fantastic news.

  13. Jman Says:

    I just ordered the 2010 redine monocog 29er from my lbs and they said the color is matte blue.

  14. bikedaddy29 Says:

    Thanks for the knowledge guys … I guess I could have gone to the CK website, doh.

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