Making Some Changes!

Hey there folks! I just wanted to let you all know that in the coming days you will be seeing an updated Twenty Nine Inches site. We are currently working behind the scenes on the new, leaner, meaner Twenty Nine Inches.

What You Can Expect: There will be the same editorial bent, the same style in the News, Rumors, and Reviews, but some of the “fat” is going to be trimmed off that this old site had/has going on. (Actually, you might notice that some stuff is already gone.) Expect a “cleaner” look with an easy to use front page. The site should have all the pertinent data you all want and expect, but things like the Classifieds, and a few other little used features are going to be cut from the new edition in order that I and Grannygear can concentrate more on doing the job better and have more focus.

As of now, it looks like the new site will go live in the next week or two. So, if you click your link and see something vaguely familiar, but different, it is still us. I just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Note: All the old material here will not be moved over to the new site, which would be a monumental task, since Twenty Nine Inches went live back in 2005. The old material will live on and we will be providing a link to that on the front page of the new site for your reference.

Stay Tuned………….


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No Responses to “Making Some Changes!”

  1. Kosmo Says:

    Good luck! Remember the old IT adage of “Never undertake a major computer or software upgrade unless you can afford double the budgeted amount of time and/or four times the budgeted amount of money!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Better check the cyclingnews forum for user comments about their site ‘upgrade’ 😉

  3. JeroenK Says:

    Ehm, that was me.

  4. SSRG Says:

    thanks for the site, like it, use it, refer friends to it. i’ll dare to make one suggestion. can you include a categorized list of product reviews? for example, i recently tried to gather a load of info on 29er tires and the reviews on this site were invaluable, however, they were somewhat hard to find/navigate since some are old, each comes in multiple parts, etc.
    would be super helpful to have a collection of reviews by type of gear. just a suggestion,

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