Ragley Bikes Announces New "Alt" Bar: Carnegie's

In my never ending pursuit of bar nirvana, I am always pleased to see new additions to the fold of “alternative bars”. Brant Richards, designer at his own Shedfire company, has released details on a new update on an old theme that he was also involved in designing. (You’ll guess the name of that bar in an instant!). Called the “Carnegie’s Bar” for an actual bar that Brant walked into once in Taiwan. This bar should find a good audience with 29″er freaks.

Mr. Richards states that this is a “premium product, proven under rigorous testing, and made from the best materials around.” Lots of folks praised the previous effort for its relief of wrist pain, comfort for long distance events, and for control in technical terrain. This new design should be a continuance of those traits in a burlier, strong package.

Besides the 25 degree sweep, the bar allows for mountain bike controls to easily be placed on the approximately 170mm extensions on the ends with room for standard sized grips as shown in the image below.

Look familiar?

The Carnegie’s Bar will feature a 31.8mm clamp area for strength.

Brant has this to say about the geometry of this bar.

Width is 685mm tip to tip, but puts your hands effectively in the same position as my old 700mm wide bar. Geometry is 25deg sweep with a 33mm forward wiggle to keep the controls in the right sort of place. It nominally has a 38mm rise, though this is lessened a bit when you angle the bar back and down for comfort.

Key features of the Carnegie’s Bar are as follows:

-31.8mm oversize clamp for maximum stiffness and strength
-7075-T6 triple butted construction for durability and strength too.
-Weighs in at under 300g (just under).
-Shot peened finish for stress relief
-CEN tested and passed to 200,000 cycles

The Carnegie’s Bar is available through Ragley Bikes and will run approximately £39.99 (UK) or about $57.00 USD.


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No Responses to “Ragley Bikes Announces New "Alt" Bar: Carnegie's”

  1. GreenLightGo Says:

    Bingo – that thing is fantastic looking.

  2. maheo Says:

    You like alt bars, why? What’s the advantage? Any favorites, and why?

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    @maheo: I like the more relaxed position, natural alignment of the wrists, forearms, and shoulders. I like climbing with them better, and descending is awesome too. With all the choices, it is fun to see what works better for me than traditional bars.

    Favorites from more normal to down right weird…………..

    Salsa 17 degree bars

    Origin 8 Space bars- (won’t use now due to reports of breakage)

    Midge Bar


    Titec H-Bar

  4. t0m Says:

    This looks like a winner. I have 2 pairs of On-One marys because they work well for me- no hand numbness, much less arm fatigue when my wrists are straight when riding. A bar with slightly less sweep could be called for though in some situations (drop-offs, manuals, downhills). These have the middle range of sweep that’s been missing from the market. 25 degrees is probably the sweet spot, I’ve been thinking to myself this summer. Salsa has 17 degree flat bars (just OK for me) and On-One/Misfit have 33-35 degrees (better for me but maybe too much). With a 31.8 diameter and middling sweep, these should be the bees knees.

    And it looks less dorky, and is lighter.

  5. t0m Says:

    It should be noted that the Origin 8 Space bars are a shameless copy of the On-One Mary. Marys came first, and I’m convinced the Marys are stronger. Mention one for fit and position, the other is the same.

  6. MG Says:

    looks good. for big clamp stem users, it’ll be a nice option. the marketing is super technical too… dang.

  7. AC Says:

    I’ve been wanting to build a bar like this for a long time. It looks like a flat wide Mary with room to mount stuff near the stem. This might be the perfect bar, for me that is…

  8. MMcG Says:

    I just switched to an oversized stem on my current bike. These bars would be sweet with my current rig -a Redline Mono 9……….at first I thought brant may have named em after that famous Deli in NYC, so informational to hear the name was inspired by a bar in Taipei! 😉

  9. MMcG Says:

    Oh and now I’m hungry for a Pastrami on Rye! thanks GT! 😉

  10. Optimus GRRR Says:

    Misfit totally ripped these off like two years ago. Goddamn time travel is killing the alt bar movement.

  11. Nick Says:

    My pants just got tighter.

  12. Wish I Were Riding Says:

    I just don’t think bars like this have enough room for all the controls. I’ve taken off my Marys and my Luv Handles. I’m going to try the Salsa flat bar next. Can’t deside between 11* and 17* though…

  13. Cloxxki Says:

    Like FloWings, but available? 🙂
    Seems close to how I’ve been wanting some.

  14. Sevo Says:

    Wish I Were Riding-Wanna sell your Luv Handles?

  15. Cloxxki Says:

    I notice the rise/drop is the same as on Mary. Hopefully, due to the less severe forward sweep and greater overall width, this will offer a more natural extra hand position when running the bar with drop, for shaved leg group ride racers or full fur singlespeeders spinning out on the straights. I so so so so like this position on a cheapo ZOOM brand trekking bike take-off! It, combined with a lack of significant forward swep, but plenty of back sweep, mated to the required super long stem, offers a really nice long deep aero tuck position. Double bar tape wrap, and better aero position than on a road bike.

  16. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Dem bars is PROPER.

    Nugga nooch.

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