Raleigh 2010 Sneak Peek: Update

Raleigh marketing wonk Brain Fornes got me some glamor shots of the new XXIX Pro and the single speed XXIX for us all to enjoy. The two bikes are steel framed rigs. The XXIX Pro being 853 Reynolds and the XXIX being a double butted 4130 CroMo tube set. New colors and some cool details are here, so without further rambling from me, here are some images………

2010 XXIX Pro with SRAM XX, Fox F80 FIT 15QR, and Avid Elixir brakes.

The XX crank is a double ring set up. Carbon fiber of course. Note the XX front mech too.

My favorite part of the graphics on the XXIX Pro. I’m calling him, “Mexi-Skelton Dude”!

More “Mexi-Skeloton Dude”, XX rear mech, Mavic rims, alloy nips. Prowler shoes on this sample.

Blue ano 15QR hub on the Fox FIT F80 fork.

2010 XXIX. Can you say “green”?

Anodized alloy nips on powder coated to match rims.

Matching anodized Cane Creek head set

Ummm…………ahhh……..yeeeah. Not sure what to say about this!

Oh! Thanks for the suggestion!

Now here we have a big change. Split shell eccentric bottom bracket with replaceable Nylock nuts. This should keep the XXIX single speed-able for years to come! (Note: The production bike will have the EBB reversed from this pre-production sample.)


That’s all folks! Hopefully we’ll be able to test ride the XXIX Pro at Interbike and bring you more complete 2010 Raleigh 29″er news soon.

Editor’s Note: Picture Credit to Brian Fornes.

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No Responses to “Raleigh 2010 Sneak Peek: Update”

  1. Brian Says:

    As a note…the XXIX is our ‘sample’ bike. All production bikes will have the BB welded on correctly.

  2. grannygear Says:

    Hmmm…so why not give the SS the nicer tube set as well? $$ I guess, but it is kinda disappointing, ya know. I know a guy with a 2008 XXIX SS that was looking to upgrade to the next gen tubeset version. Well, the pinch BB rocks, for sure.

    And the green rims….oh no…fixie hipster madness. No comment on the kid/mom cowboy ride. Ummm….yeah.

  3. Brian Says:

    Just wait…we’ve been in contact with AeroSpoke about making a front wheel with a disc mount. (joke)

  4. boomn Says:

    An affordable steel bike with a split-shell EBB? That’s awesome!

  5. Nitrousjunky Says:

    Didn’t the geometry get changed on the XIXX SS bike also?

    Which Cane Creek Headset does it come with?

    Also what is the price going to be on the SS bike?

  6. MMcG Says:

    Any improvements on the rigid fork on the Single Speed? The old non-suspension corrected rigid fork was pretty harsh riding. Any changes to make the fork more compliant?

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    @Nitrousjunky: The geometry changed for the ’09 model year in terms of the fork on the XXIX only. It was lengthened to reflect suspension correction. The 2010 is identical geo to 2009.

    I’ve no further info on price or specifics on the parts as of now.

    @MMcG: As you can read above, the ’09 fork was lengthened, so the compliance from longer legs should be noticeable.

  8. Brian Says:

    I love the hipster inspired XXIX, looks great! But… Can you make the Oedipus/Freudian inspired downtube sticker removable…

    I’ll get laughed out of the trailhead parking lot…

  9. ~gomez~ Says:

    graphics are straight off of gnome-fest tres gnombres – http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2096/2474418274_ede0ea799f_o.jpg

  10. Guitar Ted Says:

    @~gomez~ Yeah! I knew I’d seen that before! Thanks for making the connection for me. 🙂

  11. t0m Says:

    I like green bikes (and steel Raleighs) but maybe the XXIX is trying too hard. Sorta like how the Langster is uncool to both the old school and the fixie crew it bites from.

    I would like the fixters to keep their “colorways” and other fashion mag crap to our roadways, thanks.

    Then again it’s probly just my retro grouchness coming through.

  12. Henry Says:

    I really like the XXIX pro. You know, it’s hard to find a steel framed 29’er with excellent parts in bike stores these days. i also dig the more minimal paint scheme. Sometimes I think mountain bike companies forget that bikes are made to be ridden and put stupid motocross style graphics over everything. Cheers to Raleigh for embracing the ethos “simple things done well”

  13. Wish I Were Riding Says:

    Bummed they don’t have the same tubes.

  14. Gilhooley Says:

    XXIX Pro – is it going to be a regular production model, or a small limited batch like this year ?

  15. Guitar Ted Says:

    @Gilhooley: I’m hearing it will be like last year. A pre-order and very limited production to satisfy those orders only.

  16. Wish I Were Riding Says:

    Is the geo of the XXIX available? I don’t really like the tubes or the color, but if the geo’s right…

  17. Guitar Ted Says:

    @ Wish I Were Riding: 71/73 degree head/seat angles. 40mm offset fork@465mm axle to crown, 440mm chain stays, and 55mm BB drop.

  18. dan Says:

    Go raleigh steel is real ! fun fun fun.

  19. kurti_sc Says:

    I’m surprised no one has asked Brian already – or perhaps GTed is a really good moderator. In any case, I’m not too proud…
    Since the BB bolts are pointing in the wrong direction on this, I’ll be glad to take this sample bike for cheap!
    What are the size offerings? Same as 2009? Lastly, any chance you can post a price range here so those of us that are in the market can either bookmark this bike and wait on it, or move on in search of others?

  20. Guitar Ted Says:

    @kurti_sc: You wouldn’t be the first to ask for a pre-production sample for free, and you won’t be the last either. 😉

    Sizes will be the same as ’09. Prices should be similar to slightly less than MSRP for ’09.

  21. SURF_DOPE Says:

    The bikes are magnificent. The component set and fork on the pro are very, very good. I absolutely love the lime green of the single speed and the matching color on the wheels. The deep green on the pro is nice, too. I would buy either bike.

    However, the graphics applied are disgusting. Do they think mountain bike riders are booger-picking, MTV-watching 14 year olds who want juvenile nihlistic cartoons on their bikes??????? Their marketing department needs to wake up to the fact that these are not bikes for little kids and should not be defaced with little kid stickers. I would REQUIRE the bike store to REMOVE the idiotic skull iconography crap before I took either of these bikes home.

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