2010 Gary Fisher Bikes 29"ers: Update

Okay, I got a big parcel today filled with info on the Fisher 29″ers. This will be an informational post, so I am afraid those who don’t like to read will be disappointed! Okay, here’s the lowdown on some things that have been being asked about the 2010 products….

Superfly SS: Yes, there will be a Superfly SS carbon single speed specific frame and fork available from Fisher for 2010. The fork will be a Fox G2 specific F80 FIT RLC. The big news here is in the back. Fisher has a trick new sliding drop out that is diminutive and because of the compactness of the new design, Fisher can use the same frame that the Superfly uses without major modification. The drop out has two bolts per side and a built in thumb screw tensioner on each drop out. The sliders can accomodate a +/- 4 teeth change in gearing without breaking the chain, according to Fisher’s information. The disc mount is totally unique. It features the lower International standard tab on the sliding portion of the drop out. The upper part of the tab, also part of the slider, pivots on a mating tab that is part of the rear seat stay/chain stay aluminum connector that is part of the slot for the slider. This directs braking forces into the frame better for a more solid feeling rear brake than floating caliper mounts provide, according to Fisher. The caliper and slots are made so that the caliper follows the rotor when tensioning the chain. The drop outs themselves allow for quick release wheels as well.

Super Fly 100, Hi Fi Suspension Tweaks: The new Superfly 100 and the totally redesigned HiFi line share a few new tweaks that should be big improvements. The big news here is the redesigned swingarm. It is no secret that HiFi’s had an issue with failures here and Fisher redesigned the swingarm for 2010 to be stiffer, shorter, and resist torsional flex better. First, they moved the pivot behind the seat tube to effectively shorten the swingarm. Not only did it do this, but Fisher managed to also bring down the length of the chain stays, and thus the wheel base of the HiFi’s and the Superfly 100 in the process. The old HiFi’s had a 462mm/18.19 inch chainstay length, the new version? 451/17.76 inch chain stays. Nice!

Fisher also uses a one piece seat stay unit that makes both seat stays stiffer and less likely to twist since they are one piece. The design also utilizes a “Top Swing” link that is a 44 gram carbon piece on the Superfly 100 and made of magnesium on the HiFi line. The bikes also feature E2 tapered steer tube compatible head tubes and the ABP rear pivot. The Superfly 100 will sport a BB95 type bottom bracket and the HiFi’s will also have an Integrated bottom bracket cup set up. Finally, Fisher is offering a XXL size equivalent to a 23″ size frame.

Rumblefish: The Rumblefish will have 110mm rear travel and 120mm front travel suspension featuring Fox DRCV dampers that figure heavily in Trek’s FS line up for 2010 as well. The front forks for both models, (G2 offset of course) will also have QR15 drop outs. As for features, see the HiFi above. The Rumblefish is positioned as Fishers “less than XC/ more trail bike” 29″er full suspension design.

Hardtail Line First off, there is a Cobia. (I didn’t get any images for that!) Secondly, the Ferrous is no more. The line up for the rest of the 29″er hardtails remains largely unchanged from 2009 with the exception of a “Bigger Sweep” handle bar for the Paragon that goes to a 16 degree sweep. The Rig continues as a complete or a frame/fork for 2010.

If you have any questions, just put them into the comments section and I’ll see about getting them answered. Otherwise, stay tuned for more as it becomes available.


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12 Responses to “2010 Gary Fisher Bikes 29"ers: Update”

  1. Weatherman Says:

    Thanks for the info as always GT! The new Hi-Fi sounds like it may be worth the switch from the 09 and later design. Any better pics of the paint/decals? 🙂

  2. Oderus Says:

    From what I’ve seen so far on numbers and spec, the existence of the HiFi no longer makes sense. The Rumblefish is essentially the HiFi killer. 1″ more up front, 1/2″ more in the back, stiffer fork and front end……bye bye Hifi.

  3. Reydin Says:

    Any word if the Superfly or Superfly 100 will be available as a frame and fork? Nice write up btw.

  4. simenf Says:

    To me it looks like the HiFi has the same frame as Rumblefish, only with with no 15QR, less travel (?) and no DRCV-shock.

    Wonder if the HiFi will sell much if this is the case…..

  5. Nitrousjunky Says:

    GT- Did I read correctly, did you say that they are offering the Rig in a Frame/Fork option this year? If so, I’ll probably drop the hammer on that package.

  6. dan Says:

    spill the beer on the ground ferrous is dead.

  7. Eurowheels Says:

    Nice job. How about some nice pics?

  8. Guitar Ted Says:

    @Reydin: The only 29″er frame sets will be the Superfly SS and the Rig.

    @simenf: I think once Fisher gets the word out that the HiFi is the XC rig, and the Rumblefish is the trail rig, it will be fine.

    @Eurowheels: Sorry, that’s all I have for now

  9. Shop Mechanic Says:

    I’m confused. The old hifi had about 110mm travel and the new Rumblefish has 110mm in the rear and 120mm in front. Sounds like the HiFi and Rumblefish are the same bike except that the Rumblefish gets the 2 chamber rear shock and a 20mm longer fork with a through-axle and bigger tires. Am I right? If so, I am disappointed that the Rumblefish didn’t get a little more travel in the rear. One more reason to have a look at the new stumpy, 130mm rear travel.

  10. nor Says:

    Any info on $$$ for Rig frame/fork? Thanks

  11. Guitar Ted Says:

    nor: A Rig frameset includes a Fox F80 fork, head set, and stem and should retail at about $995.00

  12. Stinky T Says:

    So they probably failed, again, to address the frame breakage that has plagued the 2008-2009 29’er hardtails (paragon’s)

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