2010 Gary Fisher Bikes 29"ers: Sneak Peek!

Well, Trek World opened to dealers today and the information is coming out now on the 29″er line up for 2010. Without further adieu……

Superfly 100: $5300.00

Rumblefish II $3800.00

Rumblefish I $2600.00

HiFi Pro: $3300.00

HiFi Deluxe: $2500.00

Superfly: $4000.00

Hi Fi Plus: $2200.00

Mamba: $879.00

Rig: $1350.00

X-Cal: $1500.00

Paragon: $1999.00

Note: These prices are MSRP and are subject to change. Thanks to an anonymous trek World attendee for the images and info!


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31 Responses to “2010 Gary Fisher Bikes 29"ers: Sneak Peek!”

  1. slim83 Says:

    doesn’t look like the superfly has sliders, but I saw a pic of the frameset. Is it going to be available as frameset or once again just show attendees?

  2. GADGET Says:


  3. ellen_muenchen Says:

    good looking bikes!

    and the strangest thing is: trek won’t sell any fisher bikes in continental europe in 2010. so we have to look over the ocean to see what’s going on with gary fisher bikes. I can’t believe it…..

  4. Jonathan Gennick Says:

    Cool! Thanks for posting the photos.

    Do the Rumblefish and the Hifi share the same frame? Sure looks like it from the images.

    I wonder when my dealer will be getting any stock to look at. Will have to ask him about that.

  5. MMcG Says:

    I know that the new “hyrdroforming” of AL tubing results in lighter/stiffer frames and all that – but man am I the only one that thinks it makes for an ugly looking frame/bike?

    I think it is the bend of the downtube into the bottom bracket that is painful to my eyes.

    Anyone else feel similar when they look at some of these new and upcoming full suspension frame designs?

  6. trainwreck Says:

    yeah, they look like walmart bikes. downright fugly!

  7. Lee T Says:

    @MMcG – I must agree – even though I am sure my ’08 HiFi 29 Plus is not as good a bike as the ’10, it sure is better, cleaner looking. The larger section hyfroformed tube sections are probably going to deliver less flex at a good weight – but they will not be beautiful doing it.

    As one of the resident carbon-philes around here, I will say the SF100 does not share that snakey look – and that is the machine I am targeting this year.

  8. grannygear Says:

    Hah!…pregnant guppy downtubes.

  9. RD Says:

    so most of the bikes are 300-4000 cheaper then this years.

  10. Davidcopperfield Says:

    Give me Superfly 120mm or carbon Roscoe 29er 🙂

  11. Dust Says:

    Thanks, GT. That X-Cal looks awesome! So no more Cobia? Just the Mamba being the entry level 29er now?

  12. Nitrousjunky Says:

    Dust- There is a 2010 Cobia. It’s a dark blue and I think MSRP is $1100.

    GT- Did they axe the Ferrous?
    Also do you have any prices on the Superfly SS?

    MMcG- I agree I wish the Rumblefish looked more like the Roscoe, not the HiFi.

  13. steely Says:

    Is the Ferrous gone for 2010? (sniff sniff)…guess the market of boutique old timers isn’t big enough?

  14. Cloxxki Says:

    DC, you will get 0mm. No Fisher for Europe.

  15. MMcG Says:

    No Fishers for Europe – I bet it is all Davidcopperfield’s fault too!

    David – seriously dude – give it a rest already will ya.

  16. Steel29er Says:

    Ferrous, Ferrrous, Ferrous

  17. Davidcopperfield Says:

    Yeah sorta heard, it begs a question- why?

  18. Cloxxki Says:

    Is Trek going to be the ONLY US-based bike company without 29″ers in 2010?
    They are effectively surpressing the growth of 29″ by keeping it but a product range within one of their brands. The 69’ers…I backspaced what I just wrote about that.

  19. Davidcopperfield Says:

    No more 69ers outside 2009. Travis Brown rides superfly 100 now and it might mean that strange things are going to happen…

  20. Barrows Says:

    I think Trek is consolidating its brands: they dropped Bontrager, Klein, and LeMond as bike brands, and replaced the LeMond road bikes with Fisher. Now I think they are moving to a specific setup for MTBs, where all Treks will be 26″ and all Fishers will be 29″. If this conjecture is right, it would explain why no Fisher in Europe: 29ers are not popular at all, yet, in Europe.
    I think this is good business; look at what happened to GM with too many brands, by consolidating Trek is simplifying its lineup for both themselves, shops, and the consumer.
    I know the race team is really important to GF, and now all his riders are racing 29ers (even the petite Wilow Koerber).

  21. RubberBoy Says:


    Where did here Trek has ditched Bontrager? Could not find any reference to it.

  22. Cloxxki Says:

    I hold Fisher marketing in Europe acountable for that lagging popularity. Even the European’s ignorance cannot defeit good marketing.
    Fisher rolled our a global campaign to promote 29″ in late 2001. Also in The Netherlands, shops got super deals to put demo bikes on the shop floor. Full-page ads in the prime bike mags promoted the presence of these test bikes.
    But, if you’d call Fisher Benelux, they’d be clearly opposed to the idea of even considering to ride a 29″er. When you’d approach them to buy new Bontrager 29″ tires, they’d be like “why would you want those?”. I’ll have whichever is the minimum order quantity please. “We don’t cary these tires in Europe”.
    If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, you’re not selling. One year, Trek (Germany) brought ZERO 29″ers to Eurobike. A HUGE and direct disrespect to Mr. Fisher himself, who naturally hosted on the Trek booth. Trek Germany also seems to have done little in fighting the ignorant local cycling union which outlaws 29″ in competition. “Because we don’t like cyclo-crossers”.
    Trek Europe utterly wasted the marketing money offered. Bike shops had to push it with Trek, to get some bikes.
    It really seems 26″ will be extinct in the US before 29″ has a percentile in MTB sales in Europe. Yes, the Germans are at fault also in other brands. You need to realize, the product managers in cycling there are the people why weren’t good enough to make it in the automobile industry. So, they use their own last year’s catalogue to design next year’s bikes. Totally unaware of bikes others make, and very unwilling to try something new-to-new.

    Good for that that Lance is riding again. This is going to cost them MTB sales. Unless all the 26″ hold-outs are goin to crown them their cool king. Insensitive to evil change-for-change’s-sake marketing from hippie luna Fisher.

    When someone refuses to make a test ride on a bike with 9.4% larger tires, would they be as particular with their car rim size? Uh-uh, no 16″ rims on my cars, ever. They’re ugly and stupid. 15″ is where it’s at, baby! Oh, and 14″ is for old ladies’ cars, just so you know.

    Did anyone make a note, when the cycling industry last innovated? I think I was a rider at the time, but I forgot to mark it, expecting it to happen again.

  23. Glenn Says:

    Yay – prices are down 10% from last year?

    I agree on the color of the X-Cal. Nice!!! I wonder if there are any “downgrades” in components or are the lower prices purely due to economic conditions.

  24. MQtrider Says:

    Anybody have or can get a specs sheet on the bikes so we know what parts are going to be on them?

  25. Per Says:

    Hmm, I might be wrong on this one but I am pretty sure that you have mixed up the photo of Hifi Deluxe with Rumblefish II (hint look at fork length).
    Anyway. I like Rumblefish and Hifi, especially the Hifi Deluxe. I’ll probably buy that one or the 2010 Specialized FSR.

  26. k29er Says:


    They ditched Bonty as a brand of bikes, not as a parts/clothing/etc brand.

  27. Chris Says:

    You guys give me some feedback on this… I was set on buying the Rig, but looking at the X-Caliber, I’m wondering if I should buy that, then just convert it to a single-speed. It would essentially be the same bike as the Rig, but I’d have all the extras to throw gears on it if I wanted to. Any thoughts?

  28. Davidcopperfield Says:

    “Now I think they are moving to a specific setup for MTBs, where all Treks will be 26″ and all Fishers will be 29″.”

    Are you implying that Trek 26ers will have their 29er counterpart and just be labeled Fisher or GF will have solely a few 29ers and that’s it and no 29ers from the Trek part.

  29. Guitar Ted Says:

    Ferrous is no more.

    @Chris: The Rig comes with cable stops for geared use, or at least it did last year, and I suspect that this new one does as well.

    @ Davidcopperfield: To be perfectly clear: Fisher will have a full line of 29″ers only next year. No 26″ers in 2011. Trek will retain the 26″er size and will not have any other size wheel in their mtb line. That is the latest on that.

  30. jimmy Says:

    Hi guys reading your posts it is hard reading for us in the UK. i have been trying to get my hands on a 29 for some time but really struggling. This news that trek / GF are not bring any over this year is a seriously hard hit. Does anyone have news of any 29’s coming our way I have heard that felt aren’t importing either.

  31. t0m Says:

    @ Jimmy-

    On-One in the UK offer really good 29ers IMO, direct to your door. Cheap even. Frame only or built. If you say you’re having a hard time getting on a 29er, is that just for a test ride? If you have some parts around you probably can build a 29er frame as a “see-if-ya-like-it” thing for pretty cheap. I started out 29ers on a very cheap Origin 8 Scout with a rigid fork; it will soon be on eBay as i dig my On-One Inbred 29er.
    I do agree that UK and Europe are resistant to 29ers but there are some converts spreading the love. Niner in particular are getting some glowing mag reviews over there.
    What I don’t understand is why people have the idea you have to be tall for 29″ wheels to make sense. I’m 5’8″ and a 16″ Inbred fits as well as any other frame I’ve had.

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