Gary Fisher 2010 Rumblefish 29"er: Update

“Trek World”, the dealer preview of Trek and Gary Fisher Bikes 2010 lineups is set to take place this week and Mr. Fisher himself is crusing the show floor and posting up images on his Twitter pic feed. Here’s a few teasers he has posted today on the upcoming Rumblefish FS 29″er….(Note: All images from Gary Fisher’s Twitter Pics)


Here is the bottom bracket/swingarm area of a frame on display. (Note: Not stock color. Fisher and Trek use white frames to demonstrate features to dealers and show attendees) The bottom bracket will use “drop in bearings”, but there is no word on which standard it is that is employed. We’re betting it is BB90. Note the direct mount for the front mech.


Detail of the shock mount on the demonstration frame.


An image showing the actual bike. Gary Fisher states that it will have 120mm travel. This frame is looking rather like the 26 inch Roscoe frame and design. At Interbike, I got a chance to ride the 26 inch sled and I thought it performed very well. If the Rumblefish can attain to the level of performance that the Roscoe has, then I am thinking it will be one of the hottest full suspension 29″ers for 2010. Time will tell.

For fun I looked back and here is what I had to say about the Roscoe on September 28th, 2008:

Now why in the world do you think I would be riding this bike? (Think: The Future). The Roscoe was a really fun trail bike with an incredibly stiff frame, plush suspension, and the ABP brake pivot system, which I found to be extremely effective at reducing the rear brake chatter going into corners. Perhaps……just maybe someday we’ll be seeing something like this with a bit bigger wheels coming from Fisher. It would only make the design better, of course!

Looks like “that day” is upon us!

Stay tuned for more….


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No Responses to “Gary Fisher 2010 Rumblefish 29"er: Update”

  1. Davidcopperfield Says:

    Trek&GF new lines show up usually in august or early autumn. So where is the Trek’s new 2010 line? I am sure there must be at least one 29er or will they ignore 29er market forever. Okay they don’t want to undersell GF with Trek, however they already do in 26er world so why not in 29er too?

  2. Who am I?? Says:

    Cool, now just needs 80mm more travel, carbon, 40mm thru axle on both ends, sub 22 pounds, abp, full floater, 2″ headtube, anit gravity properties (ie. ability to hover), 12″ rotors, and the ability to put on fenders, rack, and a generator for a front light. Also, It would help if it had a plug in for my I pod and a detachable jet pack.

    THEN it would be perfect. That is until they actually make that bike.

  3. Dogdude222 Says:

    Oh, oh, oh! I’ll play!

    Is it DC?

  4. slim83 Says:

    Thats some pretty funny stuff, I almost coughed up my pre ride hamburger.

  5. t0m Says:

    Roscoe is the Fisher bike I like best. I like that GF is using the same extended hi volume shock on this. It’ll be interesting to see components on it to see if it’s intended to be more trail or AM in flavor.

  6. dan Says:

    Love that vision fisher made the sugar 29er nobody understood . Deja vue. happy trails.

  7. Weatherman Says:

    Interesting Indeed…… Wonder if the Hi-Fi 29’ers are done or will they have the E2 Steerer and ABP and new shock mount?

    Shall wait a few days and see. 🙂

  8. Davidcopperfield Says:

    My source (deep recesses of my mind) keeps telling me that new Hi-Fies will be just like their 26ers so expect carbon 130mm of travel ABP E2 G2. They will rival Fuel Ex 29er for sure as soon as the latter comes out 🙂

  9. Optimus GRRRRR Says:

    I’m pretty pumped about this (and the new Stumpjumper). I would love a longer travel 29er, but will never be able to justify the cost of a Turner, WFO, Lenz, etc, regardless of how much many I have/make.

  10. Chris Says:

    Thanks for this, but as a single-speeder I’m waiting for the latest update on the 2010 Rig… can you post some pics or at least give us an update on any changes from ’09 to ’10? Unfortunately for me, the Superfly SS is out of my price range…

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