Jamis Team Carbon 29"er For 2010: Sneak Peek!

Okay, can I just get this out of the way right now? I am declaring 2010 as the “Year Of The Carbon 29″er”. At any rate……here is the latest in the parade of black magic frame designs from Jamis.


The info I have from Jamis is the following: “Carbon 29 featuring M30/T700 Hi-Mod Carbon Fiber utilizing a new resin which is 40% more impact resistant over many other resins used today, Size Specific tubing and comes in a full size range 15″, 17″, 19: and 21″ ”

Sounds as though Jamis has heard the concerns of many of the carbon frame doubters with the addition of this “impact resistant resin”. Time will tell how that works out, but it would appear that in terms of marketing it is a great idea.

Look for more info as we get it……


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No Responses to “Jamis Team Carbon 29"er For 2010: Sneak Peek!”

  1. Andrew Brautigam Says:


  2. Davidcopperfield Says:

    FS 100mm in the rear would compete with Superfly 100, don’t you think?

  3. Steve-o Says:

    I am so tired of your repetive bs DC. Everyone will develop a hardtail first then an FS. And most applications do not require 100mm of rear travel for XC racing which is what this bike is for. I rode 80-100mm of rear travel in 26 inch wheels for years. Hardtail is faster 95% of the time. Stop calling out all the dev’s, just be happy that we have a choice of carbon now and if these sell then the FS will come.

  4. Oderus Says:

    The bike looks fantastic and well thought out. I am curious to see where this new resin goes. If it turns out to be the bee’s knees like it’s being hyped, then one could hope that it makes it’s way into other areas/components…..such as rims. Time will tell. Kudos to Jamis!

  5. Sevo Says:

    Steve-O….ditto on the DC comments. The Arm Chair Engineer has struck again.

    I think this rig looks pretty spiffy. I dig it.

  6. Cloxxki Says:

    Sick ans tied of DC too. And that’s from someone who managed to get thousands sick and tired himself.

    Very cool to see more brands doing their own carbon 29″ers, and not even Taiwan catalogue ones, it seems.

    What ever happened to the Orbea Alma? A very advanced frame, introduced in one size only…did other sizes ever follow?

  7. Cloxxki Says:

    Sick and tired. Sorry, I have little patience for typing as of late.

  8. Vecsus Says:

    Funny, I was gonna post a comment to DC last night but decided to just let it slide. Glad to see other people with the same opinion. I think DC should start up his own bike company since he obviously knows better than anyone else what designs and models we need.

    I like the looks of the Jamis frame and am happy to see another carbon option for 29ers.

  9. Dust Says:

    How many frame manufacturers are molding the carbon fiber for these bike companies? The point I’m getting at is, is there just one company that happens to be making carbon fiber frames in Taiwan? I wondered how close all of these different geometries are.

  10. AGuy Says:

    I saw the bike two days ago. A Jamis sales rep brought the bike over to my LSB, showing them off. The MSRP hovers at around 5.5k.

    A few components you cannot make out from the image: Elixir CR Mag brakes , WTB Shadow saddle and Riche 10d carbon handle bar. The total package weighs around 23#.

    The production is Taiwan based. If you want carbon ‘Made in the USA’ go Bonti.

    From my little knowledge and experience, many of the parts are fragile and I would not ride the serious AM trail. I have no knowledge on frame, but the Richey group has failed miserably in a prominent German stress tests (it was the only carbon components to do lousy – you can look it up on google). Also, the FSA crank is hollow carbon design and can to fall apart upon impact. In my own eyes I saw a crank arms torn asunder.

    The Avid brakes on paper sound great. I really wanted to purchase a set until my shop pointed out to me they had a very tight rotor/pad tolerance. Much tighter than other brakes. In fact, the mechanic presented me is own bike with Mag installed on them and the rear was dragging. Out of curiosity, I spun the Jamis wheels. Lo and behold, the front was dragging.

    My 0.00001c….

  11. Oderus Says:

    Aguy, don’t be fooled by a poorly set up Elixir brake. Yes the tolerance is tighter, but if you take the time to set them up, they are flat out awesome. I use them on one of my 29ers and They are fab-o. No drag, no squeal, no fade. Solid stopping power each and every time.

  12. AGuy Says:

    Thanks for the tip Oderus; you’ve just tipped the scale back to the Mag. They sound so fantastic that I’ll give them a shut. Anything in particular I need to be heedful about when I set them up?

  13. Oderus Says:

    Just be patient. Do the initial set up according to Avid’s set up instructions then fine tune using the finest tools available, your eyes, hands and ears. Good music and beer helps too. PBR and Lamb of God works well for me when I require absolute focus.lol

  14. AGuy Says:


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