Niner Bikes To Debut Carbon Air 9 At Eurobike

Twenty Nine Inches has learned that Niner Bikes has been working on a carbon fiber hard tail for the last year. Dubbed the “Carbon Air 9”, the bike is set to make its official debut at Eurobike and will also be featured at Interbike in late September. Chris Sugai from Niner Bikes had the following to say about the new model:


Niner has been working on a carbon hardtail for the last 12
months. The new frame will be the Air 9 carbon. We will be debuting
a prototype at Eurobike (Germany) and at Interbike (Las Vegas).
Information will then go live on our website. We are planning to
deliver bikes to dealers at the end of the year. Pricing has not been
set yet.


We have been working closely with others in the parts industry and
this will not be your standard carbon hardtail. There will be a few
new innovations not previous seen.

A target weight of under 3lbs is our design goal but with the ride
quality you expect from Niner. Also our spot on geometry will be
infused into this new frame.

We look forward to more news about this new carbon wonder bike from Niner. Stay tuned for more detail;s as we get them.


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No Responses to “Niner Bikes To Debut Carbon Air 9 At Eurobike”

  1. grannygear Says:

    Holy oversize carbon Batman! Wow, is that ever interesting. Wonder what kind of a ride that will dish out?


  2. Lee T Says:

    No surprise, after Niner got a relationship with a carbon provider with those awesome forks.

    Depending on the laminate schedule, those big tubes may offer a damped, supple ride, without being flexy – much of why I ride my Flys.

    In fact, the new Fisher Cronus rode bikes I’ve seen in pics might be pusuing a similar approach.

    Good job, Niner – bet this Air 9 outlasts the scandium version by a lot.

  3. GreenLightGo Says:

    That’s a sexy bike there……I like it!

  4. captain bob Says:

    I see two really standout things for me. Ebb and internal cable routing. Very clean single speed look but with the versitility that allows gears without those ugly cable stops.

    Right on Niner!

  5. The Monkey Says:

    I want a Kermit one

  6. Stevo Says:

    Stunning… Be interested to see what the rear tyre clearance will be like… Also looks like a 1 1/8″ to 1 1.2″ tapered headtube in there too. But what’s with the rear facing seat tube clamp?

  7. Andrew Brautigam Says:

    EBB? I hope not – hopefully bb30. EBB would be kind of stupid on a sub 3 lb race bike.

  8. waiting long time.... Says:

    OMG!!……..looks like more vaporware from Niner…..they get you all excited about a new product …then never have it available. Still waiting for the unobtanium…oops I meant carbon fork.

  9. Guitar Ted Says:

    @ Andrew Brautigam: What if it was both? 😉

    @waiting long time….: I believe that Bike 29 (at least) has them in stock in all color ways. 🙂 Check that out.

  10. Yourdaguy Says:

    The frame looks really nice. Not sure I like the Niner logo on top of the down tube instead of the sides. Wouldn’t be suprised to see the final version with even larger chainstays and smaller seatstays like most road bikes are now going to.

  11. AGuy Says:

    The color configuration is hideous. The ‘Niner’ on the downtube is ridiculously oversized. The ‘Niner’ on the seatstays are redundant and not centered with regards to the white surface. The fontface is nicer, though. The seatstays should have the product name (‘Air Nine) while the main ‘Niner’ should be worked on. In general there is room for improvement on the two-tone scheme. I would consider some fade effect to give is the impression of movement.

    Carbon? There is a big market for it. Especially racers (in profession or nature) and posers, but I personally prefer to sit astride metal. I like to ride hard and I like to not care for my bike when I ride (I even use them as a platform to push down bush-thorns when I need to cross barriers by foot). Carbon does not lend itself to my application.

  12. MG Says:

    Get over yourself dude…

  13. Andrew Brautigam Says:

    bb30 + ebb – that sounds sweet. The Bio-Centric design probably lends itself well to alternate diameters, methinks.

  14. yourdaguy Says:

    I thought the Bottom bracket opening looked a little large for a regular eccentric but wasn’t sure form the picture. BB30 and regular bb would be a nice addition.

  15. kunstadt Says:

    I think the graphics are very good. I don’t like the scallop-shaped ends of the white bits on the seat-stays, though. I’m happy the graphics people (and niner) are pushing things a bit. certainly taking some cues from Fisher.

    A “target weight” of 3 pounds does not sound all that remarkable (to me). it’s… okay. Aren’t Superflys around 2.2 – ish pounds?

    sorry to make the obvious comparison. I will either get an 2010 Superfly… or this sweet frame if it’s really around by the end of the year.

  16. Steve-O Says:

    BB30/EBB combo sounds about right to me. That way they do not have to do 2 expensive frames. BB30 is the future, especially for racing applications. Now that FSA is doing a bunch it makes sense for more people to use this interface. Superfly’s 2.2lbs equals lots of breakage, 2.8-3lbs should with the carbon in the right place should aid in the longevity of this frame. You can build carbon 2 ways, crazy light or crazy strong. I will take mine crazy strong. You will still get some decent ride quality just not as forgiving. Let’s face facts, a carbon hardtail is a RACING frame. I do not expect to feel fresh after 2 hours of racing, I do expect maximum stiffness and power transfer. LOVE the post mount rear disc! I love the graphics, if you are going to shell out BIG dollars for carbon then I think it should POP. I want mine in tang and white please! Only thing missing is some kind of chainstay protection around the BB so when chainsuck happens your precious carbon frame is not toast. Excited to see what the cost is so I can start saving pennies now.

  17. Davidcopperfield Says:

    I want a carbon Rip9 12mm maxle 130mmm of travel carbon Manitou 120mm TA 20 tapered HT carbon of course. Full Floater and ABP. What do you think guys?

  18. Carbon forks available... Says:

    Carbon forks were shipped weeks ago per the mtbr forum – check out bike29, speedgoat, etc.

    Lots of guys are showing bikes with them already.

  19. Shop Mechanic Says:

    I like the graphics, and I am really picky. Different is good. Way to go Niner.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Love the paint scheme & everything else! Ditto to previous comment- Get over yourself A-Tard!

  21. AGuy Says:

    To Anonymous: Everybody is entitles to the own opinion. Especially when it comes to esthetics.
    Using a foul language only degrades the one who uses it…

    P.S.: does using the name ‘Anonymous’ is indicative of a lack of grit or just of a dull imagination?

  22. Dirteeth Says:

    Lets keep it civil people…We’re talking about a great contribution that Niner is going to make to the world of riders who appreciate a light platform on big hoops. I can’t wait for this bike to come out & am already wait-listed with my LBS.
    AGuy- Why are you commenting if you’re only going to be negative & you’re not even a carbon guy anyway? “Anonymous” is what comes up automatically if you don’t enter a name, FYI & finally: I wouldn’t insult someone for lack of imagination when your name is A Guy… It’s all good though, I would ride with you & your metal bike!

  23. AGuy Says:

    @ Dirteeth, let’s ride….That’s really what counts, the rest is shooting the breeze.

    On Niner – it’s a company I hold in high esteem. In my mind they are ‘the’ frame maker in the 29 arena. I would always consider purchasing their frames over any other player in the field. Their entrance into the carbon market was inevitable. They had to keep up and I am sure they will.

    My negative comments was directed solely at the frame’s artwork. I think my criticism constructive. I explained exactly what I did not like about it and I would improve upon it. Niner’s graphics have always had an appeal for me; gorgeous colors, bold where it needs to be, without being redundant (i.e., a single large Niner logo), and subtle elsewhere. Straight into my preference pallet. The new carbon frame? I think they have botched it. If I were them, I would give it a another shot.

    If any one else out there, for some reason, find it a masterpiece of human esthetics, buy it, admire it, and even display it in your living room, but please do not disparage me.

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