Gary Fisher 2010 Rumor: Rumblefish FS 29"er

An anonymous reader has tipped us off via the e-mail link that Fisher’s newest full suspension 29″er, dubbed the Rumblefish, will be available for 2010 in two models. Here is what we know so far:

Rumblefish 1 & 2. Aluminum frame & swingarm(?), 110 mm travel rear ABP, 120 mm front thru-axle. Dual chambered Fox rear shock & linkage design like the Superfly 100. Think of a 29er Roscoe. The claim is that the Rumblefish is designed for more “technical terrain or more demanding rider”.

The Rumblefish 1 is slated to have a Shimano SLX drivetrain, the Rumblefish 2, a Shimano XT drivetrain.

When we know more we will post, but this will be a very anticipated rig. Rumor has it that it will replace the HiFi line. Stay tuned!


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No Responses to “Gary Fisher 2010 Rumor: Rumblefish FS 29"er”

  1. Rob from Ottawa Says:

    Awesome, sounds like a fun bike!

  2. Oderus Says:

    I would be surprised to see a 20mm TA as opposed to a 15mm TA. If it is due to replace the Hifi line, a 15mm would be more in line with current trends/thoughts. Sounds interesting either way.

  3. B Says:

    As in “replace” the HiFi 29er line? Nope, not happening.

  4. Cloxxki Says:

    Funny, all this talk about travel. The first FS 29″ on the market had 125mm.

  5. t0m Says:

    The 20mm versus 15mm thru-axle battle could be interesting. Fox and Shimano threw their weight behind the new 15mm standard, and it is a little lighter. Shimano’s support probably makes it the winner by default. Rock Shox and “the Ms” have had 20mm TAs on a lot of lighter trail forks already (my 26er uses a 20mm Maxle Revelation, which I love). I’d be sorta surprised to see Rock Shox move away from their very sweet Maxle design, but we shall see. Who’d have thought 5 years ago that post mount discs would become the standard over time?

  6. bikedaddy29 Says:

    Fox fork, 120 mm travel, 15mm thru axle … just a guess.

  7. Shop Mechanic Says:

    I suspect the low end bike will have a RS and the highend one will have a Fox fork just like the 2010 specialized FS 29ers (not that the fox are any better imo). So it is 15mm and 20mm. I’m sorry but the 15mm thing is just dumb. 20 works great and there was no need for it but if it kills the quick release then I can support it. Remember when Gary Fisher came out with the evolution 1 1/4″ headset/steerer standard and everyone said it was way too big and then made 1 1/8″ instead. Now everyone is making 1.5″ tapering headtubes. If we had just gone with the 1 1/4″ evolution we wouldn’t even have 1.5″ because we wouldn’t need it. So for Shimano to come out with 15mm to me is just the same as when the industry came out with 1 1/8″ steerers. It is just like they say that “people who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

    I sure hope that they don’t axe the HiFi. That was a great bike and all it needed was the upgrades made to the superfly linkage. That and I always felt that the roscoe looked a little weird, but most people seem to like it though.

  8. Lee T Says:

    I hope they don’t axe the HiFi either – just add the geometry improvements from the SF 100. The niche for a lighter, aluminum, XC/trail bike seems to be going unfilled by Fisher otherwise. Frankly, there are a lot of AM/Big Hit alternatives out there already, and I doubt Rumblefish will bring more to the game against SC, Pivot, Niner WFO, and the perfectly stellar Lunchbox (especially in that latest, Mikesee configuration on the forum right now).

    My ’08 HiFi29 Plus will not be on the market in favor of the Rumblefish we are contemplating here. It had a great Mammoth weekend a few days ago.

    More likely, it would go in favor of the SF100 combined with the Lunchbox for purely heavier work.

  9. Shop Mechanic Says:

    The new Stumpy is 130mm travel in the rear and it definitely going to be light. The lowerend one does not have a brain so you don’t have to worry about some lame inertia valve, plus it is cheaper. Not sure why GT hasn’t covered that bike on here unless I missed it. The new suspension is just like the HiFi but without the bushings and a stiffer rear end.

  10. Vandal Says:

    A “29er Roscoe” should have five inches of rear travel. Why are so many bike brands scared to design long travel 29ers? I wish they would get over the whole thing about “big wheels are like having three inches of suspension”. A bump is still a bump and a drop to flat is still a drop to flat. “Rumblefish” sounds like it should be competing with the Niner WFO. Instead, it’ll turn out like a warmed over HiFi. Bring on the travel! Give us a hard core, meat-and-potatos, man-sized trail bike!

  11. Maple Says:

    A “29er Roscoe” would be fun, I’ve taken the Roscoe for a ride here on the wet coast, a fun bike (would like a something a little slacker up front mind you), but I’ve also ridden the HiFI 29er on the Shore XC trails (i.e., roots, rocks, bridges, logs, long climbs and drops under 3 feet) and its been a blast, but boy walk into any LBS here and people look at it as if your mad — “no my rims did not crumple on the descents.”

    It would be nice to have burlier AM 29er bike out here*, I like the 29er for its stability, and great climbing, but you feel like such a pariah riding one on a shore trail. Should I mention I also ride clipped in — ow the shame of it ;o)

    * I noticed even Rocky Mountain is testing the Altitude 29er back East , bespeaks something there about where the companies are expecting sales.

  12. Dr.Preroll Says:

    Sweet. That will be the perfect bike for the technical gnarl here in BC….It’s bikes like these that will finally get the masses here to see the light on the advantages of a 29er. Already a few of the old school technical XC guys here on the coast are switching over…..It’s only a matter of time that 120mm 29ers will out number the 5-6inch trail-bike guys on Comfortably Numb in Whistler…they really are the best for BC trails.

  13. glenn olsen Says:

    love the name!

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