2010 News And Rumors: Raleigh

I just got a quicky peek at the offerings coming from Raleigh for 2010 and I do not have pics of anything that you could get, but I do have some pics of a very special project that is a one off for you all. But first, the regular line ups details that I have so far…..

Steel Stays “Real”: XXIX- The XXIX enters its fourth year with the single speed, geared, and Pro models again, similar to last years models with only color changes and some other fine details being changed. I have learned that the XXIX will go from a pinch bolt type eccentric bottom bracket to possibly a split shell type. The XXIX Pro, a very limited edition, fully blinged out steel 853 tubed rig will again be offered on a super limited scale. If you missed out last time, get ready to pre-order, because the same protocol will apply for the 2010 model. Geometry remains the same as 2009 when the XXIX got a suspension corrected fork and all else stays the same there.

Aluminum Model Change: The Mojave will be gone in favor of a new model at a similar price point called the Talus. No details on it as yet, but stay tuned for more as I will be getting information soon on this and the other 2010 Raleighs.

And now for something completely different…………

Update: Editor’s Note:Pictures pulled due to a conflict with a “certain manufacturer of agricultural equipment” at the request of Raleigh. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Raleigh marketing did a trick single speed cross bike as a show piece last year and followed it up with a limited run of frame sets. Called the Raleigh “Rainier”, the look hearkened to the day when Seattle was home to the big brewery by the same name. Now Raleigh marketing honch, Brian Fornes is at it again with what he calls this “Mid-Western” influenced scheme on a one off 853 steel single speed frame.

I’m sure the rest of the build will be in tune with the theme here, but we will all have to wait for that later. What I do know is that this won’t be up for sale anytime soon- if ever. It is an interesting rig though, and an 853 XXIX single speed sounds like a heck of a good idea to me. I would suggest Raleigh might want to explore a frame only option on this. But then again, I am a single speed nutcase. Oh well!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!


No Responses to “2010 News And Rumors: Raleigh”

  1. grannygear Says:

    OOOOOhhhhhh…a John Deere green and decal’d up sweetie. Oh….that is sooooo cool. Man. SS bikes ARE kinda tractor like, now aren’t they?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oooh!!! I like the green!

  3. AC Says:

    Sorry, that’s was me..

    Oooh!!! I like the green!

  4. Lee T Says:

    Awesome bike – all it needs is some nice Stouts/Kodiaks and it will park right next to an old 4020!

    Raleigh should give Moline a call and see if they can do a license on this. I bet a bunch of us Midwesterners would jump on it – especially those of us now on the left coast!

  5. foxtrot Says:

    Awesome. I NEED that frame!!

  6. Wish I Were Riding Says:

    I agree, love it. SO sad its only promotional…

    Hey GT, “I have learned that the XXIX will go from a pinch bolt type eccentric bottom bracket to possibly a split shell type.” Say what? Isn’t that the same thing said 2 different ways?

    By the way, I too love the split shell EBB on my Blackbuck and on my defunct Spicer. No other EBB type for me please.

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    Wish I Were Riding: Hmmm……….I can see that now. Maybe I should have said “set screw type” to the split shell type, eh? 😉

    Oh well, I think it is obvious what is going on at any rate.

  8. t0m Says:

    Oohhh shiny. This world needs more green bikes… and steel bikes too.

    Mr. and Ms. Raleigh- please- this sucker would sell out in a week. Make it happen!

  9. Wilson Says:

    As much as these few select have clamored for this colorway, we all know what happens when companies go this way. Look at the Langster series for Specialized for that.

  10. BearSquirrel Says:

    Nothing rides like a Deere.

  11. t0m Says:

    Did you really just say “colorway”?

    The Langster is a blatant attempt to cash in on an urban cycling subculture of capri pants, fruit colored deep-Vs, and cut-down risers. That’s quite a bit different from asking a for limited-edition 853 frame from a brand that Specialized dwarfs.


  12. Dirt McGirt Says:

    OMG! Soooooo sick!!

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