Cannondale 2010 29"ers: Update

I have received some detailed information on the Cannondale 29″er line up for 2010. The specs are interesting, the frame changes are surprising, and of course, the carbon model is the centerpiece. Here is the lowdown….


Carbon fiber comes to Cannondale 29″ers: We’ve been reporting this for a couple weeks now, but here are the details as we know them. First, the spec sheet I have seen is saying that the Flash carbon 29″ers are “Hi-MOD”, which one would asume means that it is “high modulus” carbon fiber. The story is being told now that this isn’t the case, and that “standard modulus” carbon fiber is going to be used in these frames to keep the cost down. (Reportedly between $2500-$3000 for the Flash 29er 1) At any rate, even with the confusion there, the rest of the spec is exciting. The fork is a Lefty Carbon SL with DLR set at 80mm. The stem/steer tube is Cannondale’s SI (System Integrated) set up. The frame is also a BB-30 frame with FSA K-Force Light crank and BB-30 bottom bracket. The drive train consists of SRAM X-0 rear derailluer and shifters with a Shimano XT front mech all working to turn the DT Swiss 240 rear/Lefty SL front hubs laced to Stan’s NoTubes ZTR Arch rims with DT Swiss Aerospeed spokes.

The frame itself is very interesting with flattened chain stay sections mated with minimalistic looking seat stays, presumably to give better vertical compliance. The junction of the top tube to the seat tube is also curiously tapered. The seat post is a Cannondale branded piece that is reportedly using S.A.V.E. technology gained from working with the Synapse line on the road side. Note the flattened, thinner section at mid-post. This is again in an effort to provide more rider comfort. Avid Elixir CR Carbon brakes with a 180frt/160r rotor set up, Fizik Gobi XM with Kium rails, and TruVativ Stylo World Cup 10 degree bar round out the spec highlights here.


The Flash 29er 2 carries on with the same frame and BB-30 compatible bottom bracket. The fork is a Carbon Lefty with DLR and 80mm travel. Wheels go to DT Swiss for the X470 rims and 340 rear hub laced with DT Swiss Competition spokes. The drive train is a mash up of SRAM and Shimano gear with a X-9 rear derailleur, X-7 shifters, and a SLX front mech. Brakes go to Avid’s Elixir R models with the 180/160 rotor set up. Although the image shows differently, the spec sheet says this model gets a Thomson Elite post with a Fizik Gobi XM with MG rails.

Interestingly, the two carbon models come with Crank Brothers pedals. The graphics on these two models may be different as well, since the spec sheet and images do not agree with each other. Don’t be surprised to see color matched anodized bits on the forks, or elsewhere on the bike, since we have seen this on several of Cannondale’s other 2010 models. Also, I have been informed that these bikes won’t see the light of day until sometime late fall/early winter. Unfortunately, these most likely will not be at any of the Interbike Outdoor Demos.


Hydro-formed Aluminum Models: Cannondale seems to have benefited from the recent company changes in that now we are seeing hydro-forming as a frame building technique from them. The upper range of Cannondale’s 29″er line is benefiting from this and here we have an image of a 29″er 1 in the ball burnished finish it will come in. (Graphics are similar to what will be shown here on the 29″er 5 and 29er 4 models) Again we see the flattened chain stay/minimalistic seat stay arrangement that the carbon Flash models have. The top and down tubes are highly formed pieces on this frame and should really stiffen up the front triangle. The frame is also a BB-30 compatible one, as well.

The spec looks like this: Lefty Carbon with DLR at 80mm, Stan’s ZTR Arch rims laced to a Shimano H-M529 hub (the new 29″er specific hub) in the rear and a Lefty SL in the front. The rear cassette will also be the “29”er specific” 12-36 cassette that was reported on earlier this spring. Shifting duties will be handled Shimano’s XT shifters and rear derailleur with a SLX front mech. The brakes are also XT with the 180/160mm rotor set up. Seat post is the Thomson Elite and the handle bar is the TruVativ World Cup 10 degree model. Finally, the crank set is a FSA Afterburner with a carbon spider mated to a FSA BB-30 bottom bracket.


Okay, it needs to be noted that several things are wrong with this image. First off, the frame will be a “Jungle Green” which is a matte finished “green olive” colored looking deal with the white graphics much like the 29er 5 has. Also noteworthy is that the bike here is shown with ZTR Arch rims which will not be on this model. Okay? I hope you all got that. Moving along now………….

Otherwise the frame is a carry over from the 29er 1 with the BB-30 bottom bracket and hydro-formed, double butted 6061 alloy frame tubes. The fork is a Lefty DLR at 80mm travel. Rims will be the DT Swiss X470 with hubs the same as the 29er 1 and that mated to the same Shimano 12-36T cassette as the 29er 1. Shifting is all SRAM X-7 with Avid Elixir 5 brakes, 180/160 rotors, and the FSA V-Drive BB-30 cranks will be on this rig as well. Interesting again to note that the 29er 1 and 2 models are listed as coming with Crank Brothers candy pedals.


The 29er 3 will not be black, as shown here, but white with red graphics, again much like the 29er 5 coming up here. The images I have seen seem to indicate some white matching upper triple clamps and upper shock body on the Lefty fork, as well. That said, the frame remains the same hydro-formed model as the previous two in the range above it, but the cranks are standard Shimano issue, indicating that the insert must be used to adapt to European standard bottom bracket types. This bike goes with a lot more Cannondale branding and X-7/X-5 parts with Avid Juicy 3 brakes.


Okay, this one is spot on in the graphics/colors department! The 29er 4 model is also a different frame, looking much like its hydro-formed counterparts, but the specs say it is “mechanically formed”, double butted 6061 alloy. No BB-30 here either. However; there are several other interesting things to note on the 29er 4.

First, we have the appearance of the successor to the M-29 fork from RST. This new model, dubbed the “Deuce 29”, is RST’s 80mm travel fork for big wheels that is reportedly air sprung and has a cartridge damper, much like the M-29 before it. Gone are the old cantilever post mounts in favor of a cleaner looking disc only set up. This model gets the Deore drive train set up with Shimano hubs and the 12-36T cassette carries over from the upper aluminum models. Finally, the brakes are hydraulic, but are Tektro Auriga models with 160mm rotors at both ends.


Finally we have the 29er 5 with correct color and graphics package. Again, most of the aluminum line up has similar looking graphics. This is obviously the single speed model, but it is a radical departure from what Cannondale has offered single speeders the last two years. Gone is the Lefty and in its place we have an aluminum fork that closely resembles some carbon fiber models that are popular now. The fork has post mounts for the disc brake and is only described on the spec sheet as “Rigid Aluminum Post Mount”. Brakes are listed as Avid BB5 models (as are the brake levers??) and the hubs are Formula models laced to Maddux DC3.0 rims. Gearing will be 33T on the Truvativ IsoFlow crank and a Formula 20T on the rear.

That’s a wrap on your sneak peek at Cannondale’s 2010 range. More correct images will come later. Stay tuned.


No Responses to “Cannondale 2010 29"ers: Update”

  1. oilcanracer Says:

    wow!! in need to start aiming to get on the cannondale team. they sound great.

  2. Taylor Webb Says:

    If you have this nice carbon frame why wouldnt you carry it over to the SS to go head to head with G.F. ?

  3. agu Says:

    @Taylor Webb yeah that would be one heck of a Superfly swatter! Maybe they’ll surprise us with a carbon fiber frame with EBB in the near future.

    Nice to see that Cannondale’s still doing innovative things. I guess they are positioning the SS model at a lower price point?

  4. Shiny Flu Says:

    I know in my mind that hydro-forming is a great way to make frames, but seeing these new frames make be long for the heavier rounder frames of last year.

    I was looking forward to seeing a Hi-mod frame, but to that extent the pricing of the ‘standard mod’ seems much more appealing at the moment (for obvious reasons).

    Would have been cool to see something similar to the Bad Boy rigid lefty/concept Righty on the SS, but keeping the costs down for 2010 (obvious reasons) plus I guess that the point of an SS is that it remains basic, functional and cheap.

  5. captain bob Says:

    Very nice looking lineup for 2010. Do you know if they kept their same geometry for this year as well? If so, wouldn’t that rigid fork need to be about 490mm axle/crown?

    Thanks for the another sneak peek.

  6. Guitar Ted Says:

    captain bob: I haven’t seen any data on the geometry, but you might also notice that the 29er 4 with the RST fork is set at 80mm, leaving me to believe that the frames, (which are all new from the ground up, by the way) are indeed designed around a shorter axle to crown. We’ll see…….

  7. Yancy Says:

    So let me see here, the new carbon flash 29er is better spec’d and will cost the same as my 08 f29 1. Hmmm, my love/hate relationship with Cannondale continues – for now. . .

  8. Davidcopperfield Says:

    Great report and nice hardtails andmy always recurring question What about FS from Cannondale? What do you know GT about FS form Cannondale? For 2011 Rush or something?

  9. Davidcopperfield Says:

    Great report and nice hardtails andmy always recurring question What about FS from Cannondale? What do you know GT about FS form Cannondale? For 2011 Rush or something?
    Forgot to write excellent post! Looking forward to reading the next post!

  10. Oderus Says:

    Yancy, cost is going down because production is going overseas. The lower grade carbon is also helping to keep that price in check.

  11. Yancy Says:

    oderus, thanks for the info

    Does anyone know what the difference/downside of using the standard mod carbon v. hi-mod carbon? And what that translates to for a larger rider, say 6’3″, 210lbs, like me ; )

  12. Kristopher Robbins Says:

    This is a great lineup! I was thinking about buying the Flash Carbon 29er but that singlespeed looks like it is exactly what I have been wanting for a SS setup. Cannondale could see a lot of my money going to them this coming year from me. Maybe I should buy stock in the company.

    After 3 years riding an original Bear Naked Cannondale 29er edition Caffeine, it is time to wind down my time with the rig and gear up for the next step! Cant wait.

  13. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Well, at least we count on a little better quality now that they’re made overseas…

    Lefty…. groan…

  14. Dirt McGirt Says:

    And I’m sorry, a CARBON CRACKENFAIL MOUNTAIN FRAME?!?! Eff that noise….

    I’ll ride a MGX before I’ll ride one of those… Wait! Same company!! Nevermind.

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