More 2010 News And Sightings: Part II

This post will be image free, unfortunately, but the information is hot off the presses and without further fanfare, here we go!

Cannondale 2010 Models: We reported earlier that Cannondale will have two models of carbon fiber hardtail 29″ers coming out for 2010. Dubbed the “Flash 1” and “Flash 2” these are reported to be the lightest 29″er hardtails ever. Expect big price tags as well. We hear that the 26″er version is $8800.00. Alongside these models will be the aluminum hardtails. I have seen a sneak peek of these and here is what I can relate from the viewing I got.

There will be five aluminum models. The “29er 5” will be red and single speed. It features a rigid carbon “White Brothers-esque” fork, Avid mechanical brakes, and Kenda Smallblock 8 rubber. The “29er 4” model is geared, features a standard fork with big decals that say “Duece” (Perhaps the new RST model?), Deore trigger shifters, and hydraulic brakes in white. This model is flat black. The next model……you guessed it…….. the “29er 3”, is white with red graphics, has SRAM trigger shifters, Avid Juicy brakes in white, and a Lefty fork done up in white to match. This model also gets TruVativ Stylo handle bars. The “29er 2” is a moss green color, has SRAM X-9 looking drivetrain components, white brakes again, TruVativ bars, and a Lefty with lock out. All the aforementioned models have Smallblock 8 rubber. The next and highest model in the aluminum range is of course, the “29er 1” and is raw aluminum looking with what appears to be an XT kit, including brakes. The big news here is the wheels which appear to be Stan’s ZTR Arches shod with Racing Ralph rubber.

All aluminum models seem to share a brand new frame design with heavily manipulated tubing. (Hydro formed?) and even the seat stays are flattened with the intention of giving a more comfortable ride. These are all emblazoned with “Flash” decals which would lead us to believe that the carbon models will also feature these flattened stays. The graphics are similar to last years models with some minor changes.

More on these models as we get the info. We’re also hearing that Cannondale is going to make 1 1/8th steerer versions of its unique Lefty fork. No word on any aftermarket sales.

Update: I have now seen an image of the Flash Carbon 29er 1. It will be a SRAM X-0 bike outfitted with Avid Elixir CR carbon brakes, a Lefty Carbon at 80mm travel, Lefty SL front hub with a DT Swiss 240 rear hub laced to Stan’s ZTR Arch 29″er rims shod with Racing Ralph rubber. It is black, but I couldn’t tell if it was a nude carbon finish or not. (The spec says “Race Red”??) The graphics are different and more in line with Cannondale’s other 26″er hardtails. No price has been determined for the Flash 29er 1 as of yet. Also, I am told that the 1 1/8th Lefty is actually an aftermarket adapter kit and that the Lefty will not appear on Cannondale’s rigs with the smaller sized steerer.

Easton Wheel News: Twenty Nine Inches learned today that Easton will be releasing all new mountain wheels which will be UST standard compatible. This includes at least one 29’er model in the range, (dubbed “Haven”), and it is likely all models will be UST type. This is a trend which I personally have been advocating for pre-built wheels. Hopefully we will bring you more news about these wheels soon.

FRM Rims: Our European contributor, chris_geotech filled us in on some goings on over in Europe regarding 29″ers. One of the new developments is a FRM rim that is tubeless compatible. It looks as if a test will be in the works and Twenty Nine Inches will hopefully be able to bring you the results. “chris_geotech” also tells us that work on Geax’s tubular 29″er rubber is still progressing and that something may pop up in late summer as a prototype. Stay tuned for more on these European stories which we hope to bring to you.

Superfly 100 Meets With JHK’s Approval: In a bit of racing news, we have learned that Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski, who recently won the Winter Park Series XC event last weekend, was quite pleased with the performance of the new Superfly 100, which will likely see duty in an upcoming event. That will likely be the National Marathon Championships next weekend. (Firecracker 50). News is that it will get an upgrade to SRAM’s new XX group, so if you are around next weekend, keep your eyes peeled for this rig and JHK.


Oh……did I say “no images”? Well, I have to throw in this one of super-wrench Matt Opperman. Known as “MattO” , JHK and the rest of the Subaru/Gary Fisher Team rely on his skills to attain their peak performances week in and week out. As a mechanic myself, I have to give a fellow “wrench” some props!

That’s it for this edition of 2010 news. Stay tuned for more as Twenty Nine Inches gets it.


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No Responses to “More 2010 News And Sightings: Part II”

  1. GreenLightGo Says:

    Great update! Going to be an exciting run up to Interbike!

  2. Oderus Says:

    Rumor has it that a couple of big dogs are returning to the Interbike fold this year! Should be a good time.

  3. Davidcopperfield Says:

    I wish Cannondale produced 5 FS rigs instead of HTonly. They produce sweet fs in 26″ like Rush, so why not in 29″?

  4. Andrew Brautigam Says:

    does the flash 29er have a standard HT? your write up makes it sound like it might…

  5. Guitar Ted Says:

    Andrew: No, all the C’dales have the Lefty compatible head tubes. The 1 1/8th steer tube adapter for the Lefty will be sold as an aftermarket item, not an OEM on Cannondale bikes.

  6. t0m Says:

    Santa Cruz Tallboy pics:

  7. Llama Says:

    Sounds like some cool stuff, maybe we’ll see a 29er Scalpel yet. Shame about Cannondale sending their production offshore, though.

  8. Guitar Ted Says:

    t0m: Same pics everyone is passing around- All off the Santa Cruz blog, which I linked to in part one of the 2010 posts. 😉

  9. t0m Says:

    Sorry, just looks tres cool to me. I like how the rear triangle is braced on the drive side, not the brake – the computers worked hard on this one.

  10. matto Says:

    Thanks for the “props” Ted!

  11. Lee T Says:

    Man, there is a lot of high-value stuff out there for a “depressed” market!

    Interesting that many of the big outfits are looking at carbon as a viable, saleable product. As a composites engineer and a big ( as in big fan, and big guy – 207 pounds) Fly lover, this makes a lot of sense to me, despite a lot of the anti-CFRP noise the forums are generating.

    I cannot beat the acceleration and climbing these machines are offering, nor the descending the new Fly 100 and others will be providing.

  12. cg Says:

    I personally find the news about a aftermarket 1 1/8 th adapter for the Lefties interesting to hear.

    This has always been the struggel of many that the well performing fork was not suitable to standard frames (or only with other brand aftermarket adapters, voiding the warranty).

    After what seemed a more quiet start in 2009 (talking about major 29er innovations and news) it seems like this fall will be an interesting time for us. I am excited about the big shows coming up the next months.

    Kepp th news coming

  13. professed Says:

    GT, I think the FRM stuff in Italy is rebranded Stans…but dont quote me on it.

  14. professed Says:

    Cannondale – 7.4kg for a 26″ carbon hardtail! Faark !
    One can only wonder in excitement what the Flash 1 will come in at.
    Weight Weenies rejoice !

    and sell your mother, wife and children to afford to procure one….

  15. Guitar Ted Says:

    professed: I am hearing that FRM is doing a tubular rim to be compatible with the Geax tubular tire. I doubt this is a Stan’s project, but that doesn’t mean you are not correct. We have Italian readers, perhaps one of them might ferret this out for us. Mauro? 🙂

  16. dan Says:

    Hey GT,

    Check out for cool Fisher review video.


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