Scott To Introduce A 29"er Model For 2010

It is being reported on Twitter that Scott Bikes is introducing a 29″er model for 2010. A lone aluminum hardtail is set to bow for the coming year with no other hard details on this offering being reported as yet.

It is interesting to note that Scott was denying that they would do a 29″er anytime soon only a year ago. However; with more big names getting into the market, (namely Giant), and most likely dealer pressure, Scott seems to have reversed its previous stance on big wheelers. Look for more details as we can ferret them out.

Update: We now have an image, courtesy of Carlton Reid of Quick Release TV

The first bike in the rack here is the 29″er.

Stay tuned for more!


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12 Responses to “Scott To Introduce A 29"er Model For 2010”

  1. Cloxxki Says:

    All too many big brands prefer to ignore other brand’s ideas and standards, even when they are universally better. Dealer pressure should, by mission statement, never be required for a company to offer a universally better product. The company should know all about it before the dealer does, and be developing an improvement long before a market even aims for mainstream.
    Scott has a stronger will, or a stronger wallet, than Specialized and Giant, apparently. In theend, to make a living, you’ll need to make bread that’s at least in the same league as the next door bakery. Anyone volunteering to pay 30-40% extra for an untasty bread in a flashy wrapper?

  2. Vecsus Says:

    At this point in the game is there anything a Scott 29er HT can offer that isn’t already available? Five years ago this might have been good news…now I just have a ho-hum feeling about it.

  3. Joel Says:

    More options is always good, but this sure seems like a stop-gap measure to appease their dealers who want to be able to offer what customers are asking about. Come on Scott, lets see some real effort.

  4. Oderus Says:

    Of course it is a stop gap……….until their carbon and FS bikes are ready for production. Look at how many other companies had “stop gap” models. Redline originally only had one 29er model……….now, it’s all they do for MTBs! There will be carbon and FS from Scott in the near future.

  5. t0m Says:

    Scott is a euro company, Continental 29er acceptance with consumers is a bit behind that of the US I think. Anyway this frame will supposedly be a Scale 50 aluminum, no doubt with middle-of-the-road geometry, just to get something on the floor of dealers. Meh.

  6. Wish I Were Riding Says:

    Either that STA is slack or that frame has short chainstays! cool either way…

  7. Davidcopperfield Says:

    Any FS in the works? A coil long travel if you will or will they stick to HT like Marin being afraid of trying something new?

  8. Lee T Says:

    Yeah – meh. This thing will not be cheap or better than Fisher, or even Specialized, ho have worked the 29er opportunity a lot more. This is catch up, and not at all inspired.

  9. tunafish Says:

    Yeah but just you whiners wait until the unleash the carbon version. Care to start taking bets on it’s weight?


  10. Steve-O Says:

    Yeah a carbon hardtail that will sell for over $7000. No thanks. More interested in the carbon C’Dale than either the future carbon Scott, Giant or current Gary Fisher. Might be interested in the Specialized but I would rather support C’dale innovation than any of the others if I go big brand. That being said I may go custom Ti with a BB 30 and if possible a tapered headtube. If someone can build me one like that with the same geometry as my Niner then I am sold. Will last me longer than any plastic bike will. Carbon for the road unless you are a pro and get new bikes every year.

  11. robert abbud Says:

    guys just ride. the bike really does not matter. with so manny bikes out their we all think that the bike we like and ride is the only one out their or the best ever built. dont worry about what bike some one else is spending their money on. i have been riding for 26 years and evey bike i have riden has felt good to me no matter the brand.

  12. Dirt McGirt Says:


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