Origin 8 2 X 9 Crank Set: Out Of The Box

I recently mounted up this Origin 8 crank set to my Dos Niner and will be testing out the 2 X 9 drive train and how this crank set performs in that role over the next few months. Here’s my first post on these cranks if you missed it. Let’s take a closer look at what we have here and how it has gone so far.


The crank set uses a 29T X 44T set of chain rings to get pretty close to the same range in gearing as a triple set of chain rings. The advantage is less cross chain situations, less gear overlap, and slicker front shifting. This particular crank set has a MSRP of right at $100.00, so if we keep that in mind as we go along, some of what I am going to write here will make more sense.


The crank uses an ISIS interface, which is okay from a performance perspective and allows Origin 8 to produce this crank for less money. It also uses the common 104/64 BCD four bolt pattern for the chain rings. Replacement chain rings are not yet available from Origin 8, but at least the common BCD pattern allows you to get chain rings some where else. (Reportedly, Origin 8 will have aftermarket rings available in 29T and 44T sizes to replace any worn out or damaged rings in the near future.) Speaking of those rings, these are 7075 aluminum and are CNC machined, laser etched, and the 44T is ramped and pinned for quicker shifting. The overall look and quality of the rings are impressive for this price.

The rings mount so that the 44T is in the position that a middle ring would normally be in. The 29T is using the inner bolt mounts where a granny ring would normally bolt on. This allows for the rider to use the entire cassette range in the big ring and almost all of it in the inner ring without severe cross chain issues or rubbing issues. The last three small cogs on the cassette will cause rubbing of the chain on the outer ring when using the 29T ring though.

Now with the low price to get into these cranks, Origin 8 made some compromises. The biggest one is weight. These cranks are heavy! Well, heavy for a 2 X 9. These topped out at 720 grams and that is without a bottom bracket. The other thing is that these cranks do not have a narrow stance. For all intents and purposes they are a modified triple crank forging, so if you were looking for an inexpensive, narrower crank set, these are not those.

Does it matter? Well, there is much debate about “Q” factor which I will not get into. It doesn’t bother me, I will say that much. However; the weight thing is a bit perplexing. I would rather pay a bit more and get a forging that was lighter. They are out there. Hopefully Origin 8 will see to it to bring out a lighter set in the future. To me, the possibility of a lighter weight crank set with a 2 X 9 is one of the bigger motivators to go with this sort of set up. Still, these are $100.00 cranks, so there wouldn’t really be a reason to expect them to be really light weight and strong!

The cranks do look great though, and so far are performing well. Installation was a no-brainer, and the shifting is smooth and hiccup free so far. I will report back with more once I find some trail time with this rig, but so far, it seems promising. I’ll be interested to find out if a 29T ring really makes that much of a difference in riding a 29″er, as some say it does.

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No Responses to “Origin 8 2 X 9 Crank Set: Out Of The Box”

  1. B.O.S/S Says:

    So what is the BB length?

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    B.O.S/S: 113mm 🙂

  3. xChokex Says:

    The weight of the crank isn’t important when my bike already weighs almost 30lbs, like my Monkey… I really dig Origin 8’s stuff. It’s cool that they have different crank options than everyone else and for us low-budget folks.

  4. Steve-O Says:

    You pretty much have to run a 113mm with how these cranks are set-up. Having the Big ring in the middle ring position basically eliminates any option to run a 108mm BB. It would make a lot more sense to ship these cranks with a 40-29 or 42-29 as that may open up options in the BB area. It would have hade more sense to manufacture a 94/58 mountain compact crank then they could have mounted the 29 in the middle position, now we are talking Q- factor. That is the reason I run ISIS so i can get a narrower stance. But we will not get into that here GT as like you said it is up for debate. 720 grams it heavy but for that price it is a great option for any who want to try a 2×9 set-up. I tried it a few years back and any time I have had a triple instead I have hated it. 40-27 and 29 inch wheels is freakin’ awesome!!!!! Less shifting and most of the gears you need for speed. Anyone looking to give it a try on a budget give these babies a try. Heck you could spend $100 on chainrings alone.

  5. Brennan Says:

    A 44t is way too big for a 2×9. 40 or even 38 is more appropriate.

  6. Charlie Root Says:


    interesting… Another option in the 2×9 crankset market. Any online store with stock?


  7. RPK3 Says:

    The White Industries VBC Mountain Cranks look interesting to me but I have no experience with them. Middleburn also has a 2×9 set up but I read a review somewhere that said it was flexy. Don’t know how the WI would compare but I’d like to know if anyone has experience with them or the middleburn 2×9. Like Steve-O and Brennan said, I’d prefer a 27-40 to this 29-44 setup.

  8. Desert9r Says:

    I recently got an Origin8 triple and turned it into a 22/36 compact, I myself would nderstand more of a 28-42 gearing, BUT that is why they make replaceable chainrings, if you don’t like the 44T ring slap a 42 on it, the crank only cost $100, oh and if you mate the crank with a Good BB, like an FSA 8000, I bet it will work well enough, you’ll forget about the exta weight.

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