Sneak Peek: Gary Fisher's New Carbon Fiber Full Suspension Rig?

So rumors have been spreading like wildfire that Gary Fisher Bikes was developing a new 29″er full suspension device. Even Gary Fisher himself was found to be hinting around about it on Twitter a few days back. Now it seems that a couple of images captured at a Wisconsin cross country event have surfaced that show the bike in question. Not much is known at this time for sure, but speculation is that this is the lightest frame Gary Fisher Bikes has yet produced and that it is full carbon fiber produced in the U.S.A. Stay tuned for more as we learn it………….

The bike on the right is the one in question.

The bike on the right is the one in question.

Again, look to the rider on the right side of the photo.

Again, look to the rider on the right side of the photo.

Editor’s Note: The original photos are sourced from here, and are credited to “mountaingoat 99”.


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No Responses to “Sneak Peek: Gary Fisher's New Carbon Fiber Full Suspension Rig?”

  1. Don Says:

    Maybe it’s just perspective of the photo, but to me it looks like that could be a 69er, at least in the top photo.

  2. bikedaddy29 Says:

    The design looks like a cross between an alum HiFi 29er, and a carbon fiber HiFi 26er. Look for official release at TrekWorld in late August. Gary Fisher dealers will probably begin taking pre orders in September for delivery in December ’09 or January ’10. Just a guess.

  3. Lee T Says:

    While we’re guessing, what do we suppose it will cost ?

    If they have solved the slight rear flex in my HiFi 29er, this could be an awesome machine.

  4. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Looks to be almost exactly like the Roscoe linkage. ABP link and all! That Linkage rides soooooo nicely! And far less flex than the HiFi and the Supercal.

    F’N SWEET!
    Thumbers up!

  5. Shop Mechanic Says:

    This is what I have been waiting for since the day the HiFi 29er came out! I don’t want a carbon one mind you, but the beefier stays and the ABP should go a long way toward stiffening the rear end. The shorter swing link will help with that as well and make for a more progressive feel to the suspension. This solves all the problems that existed from day one on the Hifi. The head tube is still straight 1 1/8″ though which I was not expecting, but is really no big deal. I think the tapered steerer is overrated. Just ride a Roscoe and you will notice that there is so much other flex in the fork from bushings, wheels, stanchions, and the like that the extra stiffness from the bigger steerer is nearly unnoticeable and it makes the whole system heavier. No one does geometry for 29ers better than Fisher.

    With regards to that it looks like the fork is standard offset but I am sure will be different for production but there is only 5-6mm of difference now with the new forks compared to G2. The industry realized that Gary got it right and changed all the forks in that direction. I might be seeing things but I think the seat tube is kicked forward a little bit at the bb which is awesome because it will make the seat tube slacker for a lighter non-offset post but most importantly, shorter stays! This is really keeping with the Genesis geo concept and I was let down with the original hifi since it didn’t have that either. Overall, I am STOKED!

  6. chad Says:

    Anyone else notice that these are different bikes by a lot.
    Blow them way up on Flicker and have a look.
    Seat/Top tube gusset absent on 2nd photo,
    No abp on 2nd photo(not shape of QR nut)
    First one seems to have the “inboard” bearing similar to the Top Fuel,
    tough to see on the second one….
    Still looking for more…

  7. Dork On Wheels Says:

    Are we looking at the same photos? How in the hell can you possibly see the fork offset from either of these photos. In regards to Fisher having the best 29er geometery, I say hogwash. Nobody else is running such a slack headtube angle for a reason………it’s slow. The fork offset helps but it is still slower than most everything else out there. Try a Niner with the newer Reba and you will forget about Fisher real fast.

  8. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Hmmmm… sounds like somebody hasn’t ridden a fisher outside of a dirt demo loop……
    No offense to Niner….

  9. grillod Says:

  10. Dork On Wheels Says:

    Dirt, I’ve owned a Fisher 29er for about 2 years…………………..and promptly sold it after riding a better handling bike (ie. Niner)

  11. Oderus Says:

    There is some current info and better pictures here.


  12. bikedaddy29 Says:

    I’m with you Dirt. Good eye … that is a Roscoe styled 29er carbon. I sure hope they make it in alum for us married guys. I guess I’m gonna have to sell some stuff on e-bay.

  13. Oderus Says:

    That Roscoe styled bike is called the Superfly 100. Now, I wonder what the 100 stands for?

  14. mtbboy2000 Says:

    Just saw this bike in person at the Bump n Grind in Alabama. Pretty slick looking. Superfly 100 was placed on the top tube to denote the ride.

  15. Troy Says:

    What’s that ring combo…bike looks deadly fast. Outside the realm of this married with two kids.

  16. Shop Mechanic Says:

    Fisher’s slack head tubes rule! That is the number one reason I don’t like the niners. Steep head tubes are great for going slow on twisty trails. If those are the kinds of trails you prefer or the only ones available in your area then a niner is probably better for you. For me… you gotta love Top Gun: I feel the need… the need for speed!

  17. Big Red Says:

    If the bike in the pictures are what I heard they are developing it’s a full suspension Superfly. According to my sources it will weigh less than the hard tail version.

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