Origin 8 2 X 9 Crank: On Test

The Cyclist has just received a brand new addition to the Origin 8 component line in the form of a new crank set offering. The crank set is a 2 X 9 specific design. 2 X 9 is becoming a way that many mountain bikers can get nearly the same gear range without using a small inner, or “granny” ring. (Apologies to our own Grannygear- We would like to keep you around!) At any rate, the drive train set up with a 2 X 9 will have better chain line, easier front shifting, and more usable combinations.  Some like 2 X 9 for the possibility of a narrower pedal stance; however, the benefits of narrow pedal stance, or “Q factor”, are in debate.

The new Origin 8 2X9 crank with 29T and 44T rings

The new Origin 8 2X9 crank with 29T and 44T rings

What the new crank does have are CNC machined aluminum rings on the 104/64 BCD pattern. There are profiles and pick up pins on the outer ring that aid in shifting. This set is also ISIS bottom bracket compatible. The arm length is 175mm. The set is anodized in black with laser etched graphics and CNC’ed highlights on the chain rings.

Laser etched graphics

Laser etched graphics

The crank set is available through independant bike shops that work with J&B Importers and will retail for a suggested price of $100.00. The set is a little weighty, but for this money, the crankset looks great and should be a good value. We will be bolting it up to a Salsa Dos Niner soon and will return with an update as to how these cranks perform out on the trail. Stay Tuned!


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2 Responses to “Origin 8 2 X 9 Crank: On Test”

  1. Glenn Says:

    Please tell the weight in the review. This looks interesting to me, I’ve been annoyed by the wide q-factor on my current triple crank for a while, especially on long “spinning” climbs.

  2. brandonecpt Says:

    What’s the weight?

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