Siren Bicycles To Release A Steel Hardtail: "John Henry"

In a leak from Siren Bicycles, news comes of a new project called “John Henry”. The John Henry will be a production steel hardtail, a first for Siren Bicycles, says owner Brendan Collier. The new steel frame will be offered in five stock sizes, be equipped with Paragon sliding dropouts, and will be offered in one color. (As yet to be determined) There will be options for different decals available. The frame will have Siren’s signature bent top tube as well as being made from Reynolds tubing.

Brendan says he hopes to offer the frame through select local bike shops and says that the MSRP will be $950.00. The first production run is to start in a couple weeks.

Named after the iconic “John Henry“, who was a workingman’s hero that “took on the machine”, Siren Bikes hopes to become successful with the U.S. produced stock frame. (But hopefully won’t die in the end from trying, like John Henry did!) Stay tuned for further updates as the frames become available.


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No Responses to “Siren Bicycles To Release A Steel Hardtail: "John Henry"”

  1. Slowerthensnot Says:

    pretty stoked about this news!

  2. BunE Says:

    Steel frame…


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