Bike Commuters Need To Hydrate Too!

Editor’s Note: Anthony Coley sends us this reminder that we as cyclists all need to hydrate, no matter what type of cycling it is!

Bike commuters need to hydrate too!
I got my team mate at work into commuting last year and he’s doing a killer job, except that he doesn’t hydrate.  He commutes 30 miles a day, 5 days a week, and if you do the math that’s a whopping 150 miles a week, which is 40 more miles a week than I commute and I’m supposed to be The Cyclist.  That is amazing for a non-cyclist, if you ask me.  He actually did a 40 mile road ride last weekend and didn’t take anything to drink.  “Huh, that can’t be!”, you might say.  Yup, nothing!  He said at about 30’ish miles it dawned on him he didn’t have anything to drink, but since he was in the middle of no-where he had to hoof-it-out thirsty.  Nice! 
I’m a hydration nut and often return with liquid to spare.  Even on my 13 mile commute I carry a water bottle and take a few drinks about mid way.  I take in liquids about every 20-30 minutes of easy riding.  When I mountain bike ( MTB ) I carry either a 100oz or a 70 oz. bladder, depending on the length of my ride.  For epic MTB rides I carry 100 oz. and 1 or 2 bottles with some sort of electrolytes.  For example, Gatorade, Cytomax…  My philosophy is, you never know how long you may be out there, so make sure you’re hydrating.  Not hydrating is a bad idea and can be a mistake you make only once.  ;(

One Response to “Bike Commuters Need To Hydrate Too!”

  1. Shiny Flu Says:

    I’m with you there- my riding buddy only takes a small bidon on our MTB rides be it cool winter of the heat of smmer. I pretty much finish off my 2L hydration pack and he’s just fine having only drank half of his bidon.

    Maybe they pre-hydrate… somehow?

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