Be Careful When The Kids Are Around!

Editor’s Note: Anthony Coley, contributor to The Cyclist, gives us a good reminder why you need to be careful when the kids are around our bicycles.

Watch those kiddies and your chain.

Tonight me and my two boys ( 4 and 2 ) were in the garage and my 2 year old got his finger caught in my fixed gear chain. Ugh!!!! They always play with whatever bike I have in the stand and I’m always telling them “watch the wheel, keep your hands out of the spokes, watch the chain…” Tonight I was preoccupied with my 4 year old when I heard my 2 year old start screaming. When I saw him I instantly knew what had happened. Luckily it only caught the tip. It could have been much worse.

Here’s a pic of his little hand:

By the way, he's going to be all right.

By the way, he's going to be all right.


Take care of those kids!

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3 Responses to “Be Careful When The Kids Are Around!”

  1. S. Fuller Says:

    Damn. Poor little guy. 😦

  2. electric Says:

    Yeah, they’re dangerous and can take fingers depending on how tight you’ve got it setup…

    I hope this won’t put him off bicycles!

  3. AC Says:

    No, he’s not turned off at all, but he’s now slightly obsessed with band-aids. Every little boo-boo requires a band-aid. Could get expensive… He has a Strider push bike and he’s been chasing his big brother all around our cul-de-sac ever since, so he’s good.


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