News And Rumors

Brant “Tweaks” The Name: Due to a technicality, Brant Richards of Shedfire Design has decided to go from using the name ‘tweak” for his new line of bicycles to “Ragley”, which was the working model name for the titanium frame we reported on earlier. So far, Ragley has three versions of it’s long travel hardtail in the works. One each in aluminum, steel, and titanium. These bikes are 26″ers, but a 29″er model is in the works. Stay tuned.

Santa Cruz Confirms Carbon 29″er: In this report from Bike Radar, Santa Cruz Bikes owner, Rob Rosokopp confirms that the 29″er, (or at least one model) will be made in carbon fiber. Stating that chassis stiffness was a main priority with regards to designing a 29″er, we can expect a stiff, solid frame with the signature VPP suspension to be seen “sometime before Interbike”. Stay tuned for any further developments.

Scott To Enter With 29″ers For 2010: From an anonymous source, I have learned that Scott has two hardtail 29″ers in the works to be released in the fall. These two bikes will be in aluminum and are just the tip of the iceberg for Scott and 29″ers. I am told that there exists a very strong possibility that a geared carbon fiber hardtail is in the works that would tip the scales at well below 20lbs. Look for more details to surface in the coming months.

RST Revamps M-80 29″er Fork?: I have heard also that RST has a new pre-production version of a 29″er fork going out to testers soon. Is it the revamped M-80 picked as one of the Top Ten Products by this site for 2007? We will be very interested in this development. If the new RST fork makes some improvements over the old model M-80, it would be a welcomed product and most likely a big hit. As always, we will bring you any further news as it is received.


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No Responses to “News And Rumors”

  1. Shiny Flu Says:

    I like the prospects of a Scott 29er. If the current Scale (both Alu and Carbon) are anything to go by, they’ll probably be razor sharp and stiff – i.e. harsh – racing machines…. could always use a dirt crit bike on the n + 1 theory.

  2. Davidcopperfield Says:

    What about Scott FS?

  3. jfk Says:

    When will Scott make a 36er? And if this is the case, will it be up to but not less than 140 mm rear suspension travel?

  4. MMcG Says:

    GT – just need to do a bit of tweeking to that shedfire post yourself. It would be Ragley (Rag – Lee) and not Ragely (Rage-Lee) for Brant’s new line of frames. Subtle difference – but different nonetheless.

  5. Evasive Says:

    A friend of mine has an On-One 4-5-6. I always liked that frame, and wished there were something similar in the 29er platform. Interested by the mention of a steel Ragley long-travel hardtail.

  6. Joel Says:

    Man, now I feel bad for stating that the name “Tweak” must be an April Fool’s joke. Ragley is better anyway. Ragely would be sweet too, but maybe a little too angry.

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