Lynskey Ridgeline 29"er: Out Of The Box

In our announcement of the Lynskey Ridgeline, we gave you the spec numbers as provided by Lynskey. Here I will break down the build and give you the numbers as I measured them on this particular rig.


First off, I noticed that there is nary a tube that has not been manipulated in some way. There is a lot of impressive frame tubing work on the Ridgeline. The frame is done up in a “satin brush” finish which looks great. The decals are available in white or black on the Ridgeline, and obviously we got the black ones. Here are the numbers I came up with on the bike I have here:

Frame Size: Large
Head Tube Angle: 72 degrees
Seat Tube Angle: 73 degrees
Effective Top Tube Length: 24 inches
Bottom Bracket Height 11 5/8ths
Wheel Base: 43 5/8ths (44mm offset on fork)
Complete Weight: (with pedals) 20.8 lbs

Yeah… is light! The lightest bike we have test ridden yet. The nice thing about the build is that it has smart spec choices and nothing I feel is a little sketchy. Let’s take a look:


Wheels: Industry 9 hubs and spokes to Stan’s NoTubes Flow rims
Tires: WTB Nanoraptors with tubes*
Fork: White Brothers Rock Solid 29″er (44mm offset)
Head set: Chris King, black anodized “Sotto Voce”
Stem: Thomson 90mm
Handle Bar: Salsa Pro Moto 17 degree
Crank/BB: TruVativ Stylo SS, GXP BB, 32T w/bash guard, 175mm length
Chain: SRAM PC-1
Cog: Endless 17T
Brakes: Avid Elixir w/160mm rotors F/R
Seat Post: Lynskey 400mm titanium w/carbon base top plate and aluminum hardware. Zero offset
Saddle: WTB Pure V w/titanium rails
Grips: ODI Lock on
Pedals: Old, used up SPD knock offs. (Guitar Ted’s)

*Note: Rear tire has subsequently been converted to tubeless. Front tire to follow.

So, as you can see, it wouldn’t be too hard to drop this down below 20lbs with some alternative component choices. However; this build shows that you do not have to get too crazy to get a nice, light sled. That’s cool.


The overall look gets lots of compliments. The silver/grey and black look is classy and understated. The lines of the bike look “right” and the decals are not bad in the overall scheme of things, really. They sort of blend in with the whole look of the bike to my eyes. One thing I was surprised to see was the “fade ano” on the Industry 9 spokes, which blends into the look so well most people don’t notice it unless you point it out. As far as looks go, the Ridgeline scores highly as presented.

One more note: I normally don’t comment on how bikes we recieve are packaged, but Lynskey needs to be called out here for its stellar packing job. The box was twice the overall thickness and weight than ordinary bike boxes and the bike was so well packed that I looked at it for several minutes before I went ahead and took off the packing. Nicely packed bikes mean that they arrive in one piece, (usually) and this one was packed about as well as any bicycle I’ve unboxed. And I’ve unboxed a whole lot of bicycles! So that was notable to me, at least.


Now that we’ve seen the bicycle and dissected the build, how does it ride? That question will be answered in my next post on this bike coming soon. Stay tuned.


No Responses to “Lynskey Ridgeline 29"er: Out Of The Box”

  1. gumbie Says:


    SIGH…you have the best job…..ever. just curious as to how much room between the stays. enough for a cont 2.4 mtn. king mounted on a salsa gordo rim? or not…. looking forward to your impressions/opinions on this bike.

  2. captain bob Says:

    Great post Ted. Surperb photos too. Sure brings out the details in the frame and build.

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    gumbie: I do not think a 2.4 inch tire on a Gordo will fit at all. I’m thinking a 2.3″er or less on a 28mm rim will be maximum. I’ll try a few combos and report back.

    captain bob: Thanks! 🙂

  4. Toddre Says:

    Nice looking bike and great write up… I gotta say though, I’m getting bored seeing all of these slider/ebb bikes. When will companies step up and make geared only or ss only frames?

  5. bestinshow Says:

    Don’t want to get into a tire discussion, but if the tire shown in the stays is the 2.1 Nanoraptor, which follows etrto specs, then the Conti 29×2.4, which does not follow etrto specs, and actually measures at 2.2, really should fit. Should being the key word there…

  6. captain bob Says:

    Toddre. I need more info. Do you mean you want to see ss frames without sliders/ebb’s and free of cable stops?

  7. Toddre Says:

    I just saying that I’m tired of seeing “do everything” frames. For example, I’d love to see what could be done with a production steel geared only frame. What kind of weights it would save.
    It just seems the 29er movement is way past the point of “we’re not sure what kind of rider we’re selling to, so let’s make a frame that does everything OK but nothing great”. These companies can afford to go out on a limb a bit now.
    That said, I’m not writing this to bash anyone or anything so I hope I don’t get flamed to death.

  8. captain bob Says:

    Ok. Thanks for the clarification. I totally agree with you. One of the frames I own had an ebb and full cable stops for gearing. I love the bike greatly but would love it even more if it were ss or gearded only. Actually, ss only for me on this frame.

    At first I thought you wanted a ss frame without sliders or ebb or cable stops.

    I do believe there is a place for such versitle frames but I would like to see more that are specific to one or the other. I really like the ss frames with the ebb’s and a replaceable hanger so you could run full housing and 1×9 it if one chooses but that’s about all I want to have for options.

  9. prphoto Says:

    Just curious Captain, In a 1×9 set-up are you able to use all the gears or does the chainline become too extreme? Thinking aloud, I guess there is no front der. to rub on, but are there other limitations?

  10. SI Says:

    nnJust curious Captain, In a 1×9 set-up are you able to use all the gears or does the chainline become too extreme?>>

    1X9 Works fine – i have this on my Singular Swift – 33t salsa ring on the front with a 11-34 cassette on the back

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