Geax Gato 29″er Tire: First Impressions

Editor’s Note: chris_geotec chimes in with his first ride impressions of the upcoming Geax Gato 29″er treads…….

Part 2, First ride impressions:
Now that we have the numbers down it is time to get them dirty and what a dirt we started out
with. The first time riding the 29er Gatos here in Southern Germany we were blessed with
completely soaked soil, lots of mud, wet roots, and sprinkled with a few remains of snow
here and there – all in all slippery and nasty but perfect testing grounds for the Gato. At first
I only mounted the front. I liked the Gato right away for the great braking traction. It sure
helped me descend with more confidence and corner a bit more aggressively. I ended having a
very enjoyable ride; riding a bit more than what I expected to ride, and walking most of what I
thought I would. With my prior experiences on GEAX´s TNT tires I knew these tires could
handle low pressures – but more on this later.               

Gato on the trail

Gato on the trail

The next ride I swapped over to full Gato   front and rear and … boy I was flying …traction was awesome. Self cleansing in the mud was no issue except for the nastiest stuff
(more like sandy glue than soil).  I was having a blast!! I knew that the Gato – 26er that is – was good on the wet and slippery, but this one was a Gato on steroids!! It showed
me once more why I had committed myself to 29er wheels. At one point I found myself at the top of a technical rooty downhill I certainly do avoid under these conditions,
thought for a moment and…. down I went. No moment of uncertainty, hardly any slippage.

 I have no conformation about this,  but it feels like the Gato´s compound is softer than its brothers´ – mucho grip on all the slippery stuff. Sure the multi sectored, aggressive knobs add much to that impression, but I hold my opinion, it feels stickier! Along the ride I encountered
like the Gato´s compound is softer than its many sections that I usually clear with luck under such wet conditions, or often not at all and this time I rode it all! I will not comment on rolling resistance and acceleration as this was just no ground for such thoughts. Plainly said – I was happy enough to stay on my bike for most of the ride rather than counting off time.
OK – I must admit this review turned out to be a bit more emotional and less objective, but I simply had a blasting riding,  and isn´t that what mountain biking is all about? (Sorry I have no pics of these rides – wouldn´t dare to take my camera out in these conditions. But here is one a few days later )

A Few Days Later....

A Few Days Later....

Over the next weeks riding conditions remained the same and I found myself playing with riding pressures to test the tires´ sweet spot. All in all my first thoughts were fully confirmed: Very good grip, excellent mud clearance, strong cornering and to add this one – very stable at a very wide range of riding pressures. So much for the first few rides.


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