Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29″er: Final Review Part II

In Part I of the Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29″er Final review, I took a look at the components that were part of the build, but this post will focus on the ride of the frame.


The Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29″er frame is a lovely example of why folks that dig steel frames dig steel frames, if you catch my drift. This bike is fun to ride, really, that is the bottom line. It makes me want to ride because I know every time I do it will reward me with a comfortable (for a hardtail) ride that is stable, has traction on the climbs, and carves turns without any drama. It just does single speed mountain biking well. Really well.


Make no mistake: The frame has some flex, it isn’t “racer boy” stiff and efficient. It isn’t a precision single track carving machine, and it is not a weight weenie foundation to build a super light project bike from. No- this is a fun riding mountain bike. A bicycle I would choose to ride with buddies, go on explorations with, and ride all day. It is a frame that gets the job done and does it well.


I could go on, but the point has been made, I think. If you are in the market for a bicycle frame that works, isn’t flashy, but has subtle good looks, can be customized to a degree, and can be hung with your choice of components to fit your budget and tastes, then you will have a hard time finding any peer to Milwaukee Bicycle Company’s 29″er frame. I recommend taking a look and if you need further information regarding this great frame, check out Ben’s Cycle.


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