Product Spotlight: AquaJoe Portable Hydration System

If you have done some longer rides, lets say over a few hours, and have had to resort to plain water or whatever you could scrounge at a convenience store instead of your tried and true powdered drink mix, you might be interested in “AquaJoe”. Maybe you take along a drink mix and you have it spill all over as you fumble with you bottle or hydration pack. Again, the AquaJoe system is offered as a solution. Let’s take a quick look…….

AquaJoe hydration system

AquaJoe hydration system


The system consists of a plastic tube that is capped off by a top that functions as a scoop, lid, and pouring spout. These “tubes” can be linked via a belt clip with another AquaJoe tube, linked piggy-back style, or hung from a lanyard. You can link as many as you want or need. Each tube is graduated so you can precisely measure out your favorite drink/nutritional powder mix to fit your water volume. The top can direct your mix into a bottle or hydration pack bladder without spilling all over the place.



If you carry different powdered mixes, you can write on the tubes to identify what the contents are. The AquaJow is dishwasher safe, and eliminates waste by avoiding the use of individaul packets.  AquaJoe dispensers are available as a pair matched with one belt clip/holder unit for $19.95 and are available at or at triathalon shops. runners shops, or cycling shops.

I’ll be putting the AquaJoe system to the test during my training and attempt at a 200 mile gravel road event later in May. Stay tuned!


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