New Bike Brand “feepish bikes” Is Announced.

I have been promoting this crazy little gravel road race in Iowa for awhile now and through this event I have met several cool individuals. One of these folks is Rusty Kay. Rusty was a guy that made a big impression on me by riding a full on road bike in Trans Iowa while everyone else was riding mountain bikes or cross bikes. (You can catch a glimpse of Rusty on his road bike in this Trans Iowa V2 clip here.) Even more impressive was that he was doing this in conditions that were miserable and unfit for such a rig.

Well, Rusty has decided to start his own road bike brand called “feepish bikes” and will be trotting out some fine Lynskey Performance Design built titanium rigs in the near future.

"feepish bikes" sponsored Trans Iowa V5 with these excellent t-shirts



Stay tuned for updates on “feepish bikes” as we learn more


One Response to “New Bike Brand “feepish bikes” Is Announced.”

  1. grannygear Says:

    Feepish? (as he goes to the dictionary to figure this one out).


    Is it April again? Although the winged tortoise does appeal to me.

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