Easton XC One Single Speed Wheels: Midterm Review

With Spring in full force here in the Midwest it’s time to report back on the testing of Easton XC-One Single Speed wheels. Here is a link to the “first impressions” post. I did not log any winter rides on the wheels. No reason in particular, just wanted to ride my old cheap wheels in the snow and slush. But, now after getting back on the Easton’s, I tell ya, they are so snappy and so so smooth.


These wheels saw quite a bit of riding last fall and have not once come out of true. Hub engagement is quicker than my Shimano XT hubs and feel as quick as the Mavic Crossmax’s. The Easton’s continue to amaze me with these bearings. Still rolling super smooth. It’s a weird feeling when you first get on them as the bike seems to start coasting before you even pedal. I am not sure if the color of the wheels is coming through to you readers but it is the blackest of blacks. Very cool if you like black. The finish of the rims seems quite durable as there do not appear to be any scratches or rock chips yet.


The springy nature of the wheels makes all of my bikes feel lighter and snappier. These wheels make every frame I mount them too feel like a higher quality frame than it is all without being flexy in a bad way. You feel the wheels move underneath you but only in a good way. Sound weird? It does to me too. Almost a “steel is real” sort of feel. Sorry for the “steel/real” cliche’.

There is one area of concern I have noticed. I get a “ping” or “kink” noise out of the rear hub now and then. Usually happens when I am going slow, coast, and then start pedaling again. The hub doesn’t slip but you will hear it for sure. So, we will keep riding these wheels this spring and will report back a final post soon.



No Responses to “Easton XC One Single Speed Wheels: Midterm Review”

  1. grannygear Says:

    Those are pretty narrow rims, aren’t they Captain?


  2. martini Says:

    I think they’re 24mm wide. XC width for sure. I’d like to see them wider myself, but I never did have trouble with my Delgado’s which are 24mm too.

  3. captain bob Says:

    The Easton rims are roughly 24.18mm wide by my measurements. They are wider than my Alex TD17’s (23.74 mm) and are a smidge deeper too. The Easton’s are significantly stronger though. Much more than I expected.

  4. martini Says:

    Just got a few in the store, and I must say: Dayum! Gotta find a bike to ride ’em on.

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