Effetto Mariposa Caffe Latex: Update

I have an update to share concerning the Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex products. I was contacted by Stephen from Cantitoe Road to see if I wanted to test the injector and the tubeless valve stems from Effetto Mariposa. I said “Sure!” and not long after the products came in. (You can find my First Impressions post here on Caffelatex.)


The injector comes with the syringe, hose, and brass adapters to screw onto a Presta valve or a Presta valve with the core removed. The hose slips onto the nozzle of the syringe with an interference fit, so when you apply the plunger the hose won’t come off the nozzle, but allows for easy removal so you can suck up more Caffelatex with the syringe if need be. The syringe itself is graduated so you know just how much you are injecting and has a handy guide label to help you determine just how much Caffelatex different sized tires should have injected.

The valve stems have a removeable core, come with caps, and two to a package. I installed one in a Bontrager Rhythm rim with the TLR rimstrip. It all went together with no issues. The removeable core makes adding sealant a snap. Use a large spoke wrench to tighten the core when installing it, and you’ll be ready to go.

I installed Caffelatex sealant in three tires using the injector kit. I decided to “blow” it right past the valve without removing the core, which turned out to be really easy. I noted that the Caffelatex sealant bubbled, as advertised, right out the valve stem while I was installing the sealant. I also noted that the sealant would coagulate on my fingers in stringy, rubbery masses, which again, leads me to believe it will seal up punctures just fine.

But back to the injector for a moment. The process, once I figured out the way it worked, can be truly mess free and easy. I was impressed! I lean more to the messy side as a mechanic. I can get dirty if I look at a wrench sideways, it seems, so if I can do this drip free, I think most folks will find it that way for themselves too. Also of note: One could inject tubes with Caffelatex as well, if that is how you roll. I’m thinking tubular cyclo-cross tires would be a prime candidate for this process and product.

So, an impressive product and tools to go along with it. I will continue to “inject” various tires around the shop here, as I find the tool easy to use and the sealant promises great performance. I suspect I will be putting it to the test in the coming weeks and will report back with a “Midterm” report then.

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  1. plesurnpain Says:

    I ordered mine on friday and received it yesterday afternoon. I purchased a 1000 ml bottle and injector. A couple of friends will be using it in tubes on rigid ss 29ers and I will be installing it tubeless on my Flows as soon as my rear tire comes in. As soon as the rim strips become available, I’ll be trying a tubeless conversion on some Speed Disc AM’s. If that works well I’ll truly be impressed.
    I will give you some feedback on our testing as more trails dry out and we get some miles on these different set ups.
    As far as the company goes, they couldn’t be nicer or more helpful.

  2. cartographer Says:

    Is there a way to get the valve stems to seal on a rim with schrader holes? I’ve got some large rims I’d love to convert but they are drilled large.


  3. Theran Martin Says:

    This is making my decision much easier! I am getting a set of Flows built up, and talking with Steve from Cantitoe Road let me know the Stans tape and stems work fine as well. But I wonder if it would be better to use their valve stems to use the injector? Cant wait to hear more about CaffeLatex and the tires you have been testing with.

  4. Shop Mechanic Says:

    To seal your large drilled rims, I recommend that you get the rim valve reducers that Wheels Manufacturing uses. Install the reducer, then the valve and the sealant should do the rest. I did a wheel like this where I put the reducer on first and then the stan’s tape and that worked great as well.

    Who distributes this stuff?

  5. Shop Mechanic Says:

    I meant to say that Wheels Manufacturing MAKES them.

  6. Wyjadart Says:

    Just wondering where I can find this product. Would like to buy it based on the recent reviews.

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    Guys and Gals: You can get Caffelatex and the other great Effetto Mariposa stuff direct from Cantitoe Road. Just hit the link in the post above to get to their site. πŸ™‚

  8. cartographer Says:

    Thanks Shop Mechanic. An LBS actually has some in stock.

  9. keener Says:


    Your rims are drilled for a tube-less car stem ! standerd auto shop part. Discount tire gave me some for the asking. I think this is a Coker tire hold over to our “uni-cycle parts”.

  10. cartographer Says:

    That’s an interesting twist. The hole is huge. I’ll give it a go at my favorite local tire shop and see if I can get a good seal. The tires seem like they’ll air up fairly easily if I can just seal the valve.

    Thanks keener!

  11. Emre Says:

    Is it possible to install that system with regular tire pumps with normal air pressure?
    Have anybody tried it before? Or a pressurized air pump is a must like most of the other brands?
    If the solution is easily penetrates the cavities, I thougth it would be easier to use a normal pump as well…

  12. Guitar Ted Says:

    Emre: Sealing the bead so that the tire casing will air up isn’t an issue with a compressor and has not much to do with the tire you are using. Now on the other hand- keeping the air in is an altogether different story. But once the bead is seated, most any tire will hold air for at least a bit.

    Its the process of getting those beads to seat that you are having trouble with, and a quick, short burst of air, at a high volume is usually the only thing that will do the trick. Hand pumps will sometimes work with a lot of futzing, but don’t bother. Just get an air compressor and be done with it. πŸ˜‰

  13. Greg Says:

    GT – Looking to convert my Gordo, should I try the Effetto heavy-duty rim strip, or use something else?

    As far as tires go, i was thinking WWLT or Rampage but if you think i’d have better luck with Eskar i don’t mind giving that a go. So far the CaffeLatex has been great with my Ardent/Flow rear.

  14. Guitar Ted Says:

    Greg: I haven’t had any experience with the rim tape, but if it is as good as the other products, it will be just fine. I have high expectations for the products Effetto Mariposa puts out based on the past.

    Greg, your tire choices seem all over the place. A WW LT isn’t anything like a Rampage, which is pretty different than an Eskar. Since you seem to be happy with the Ardents, I would think the Eskar would be most similar to it. But it’s your choice, and I happen to like all those tires for different reasons.

  15. Greg Says:

    I like the Ardent on the rear but I’m not crazy about the lack of transition knobs when running it up front. The WWLT has a nice rounded profile that I like in the turns, but it has let go on me with not fun consequences. So an Ardent with better transition knobs then….does that spell Eskar?

  16. Guitar Ted Says:

    Greg: Maybe. I would try the Rampage up front I think for your cornering issues.

  17. UnitedWeRide Says:

    What about the Mountain King up front?

  18. Greg Says:

    Between the Rampage and Eskar, is the Eskar less likely to burp at 25 psi due to the 2bliss?

    I read in a few places that Specialized actually lets you return tires? Is this true? I have a set of almost new Borough XC’s that I used once and didn’t like and I suppose I could trade them in for Eskars.

  19. Guitar Ted Says:

    UnitedWeRide: Yeah, that would be a great choice too.

    Greg: The Specialized “2Bliss” is a great tire that if paired with a Stan’s or Bonty TLR rim will be capable of low pressures.

    Specialized does have some sort of satisfaction guarantee. Check with your Specialized dealer.

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