A Real Wagon Wheeler: Impressions On A 36"er

The first time I became aware of a 36 inch wheeled bicycle was back around 2002 when I saw a picture of a Coker cruiser. That was pretty much a novelty bike. I didn’t really think anything more about that. However, in 2006 when Ben Witt of Milltown Cycles told me he was designing one, I was floored. He was adamant that he thought the concept would be more than just a curiousity, and his enthusiasm for the project got me really excited about it too. Then, in 2007 at the annual dealer open house at Quality Bicycle Products I saw it, and rode it. It was as I said at the time, “the most grin inducing bike I have ever ridden.” That still holds true today, and now that very bike, painted red, is at The Lab here for a short time.


So hang on as I take this big wheeled rig on some rides and report on my findings here. I’ll give my impressions of this bike and my thoughts on its applications. One thing is for sure: It’ll make you smile everytime you ride it.

For more on the tech behind the 36″er, watch for my report on The Cyclist coming soon.


No Responses to “A Real Wagon Wheeler: Impressions On A 36"er”

  1. AC Says:

    I love it and would love to have one. Do you know what he’s charging for the build?

  2. Dust Says:

    This looks awesome. What’s the weight on such a rig? And who makes the tires?

  3. TR Says:

    I believe that they cut the tires themselves. At least that is the last I heard from him 2 years back.

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    AC: I am not sure about the cost. I know it is expensive. (This is Ben Witt’s personal rig, by the way) I will research that and post it in an update.

    Dust: The tires are fron http://www.unicycle.com and are road slicks which Ben taks and cuts the tread into by hand with a tread cutter. The process takes about a half an hour a tire. The tires are two ply and heavy! The entire bike weighs about 34lbs as it is built here, but Ben has had it down to close to 30lbs with blingy parts.

    TR: Correct-a-mundo!

  5. jncarpenter Says:

    I want one! Sign me up 😉

  6. Dust Says:

    Wow, he cuts the tires himself? That’s cool. I was wondering where you get spokes for something like that. 34 pounds is impressive. I think that’s what my 30 year old road bike weighs! I’m looking forward to the review!

  7. maximumradness Says:

    i rode a coker the other day in portland, and it was absolutely unreal. so fun and neat, but it was kinda old and i worried about the wheels integrity… then to find replacements?!!

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