Bontrager 29-3 Tires: On Test

Coming home from Sea Otter, I thought my carry on felt a little bit heavier. Well, come to find out that someone from Bontrager  had stuffed a pair of the front/rear specific Bontrager 29-3 tires in there!

Bontrager's new "29-3" front/rear tires are very unique.

Bontrager's new "29-3" front/rear tires are very unique.

These tires use the old, retro idea that a smaller, narrower rear tire mated to a bigger, more voluminous front tire is the optimal set up for going fast on the single track. And obviously, the tread designs are completely different as well. I’ll be setting these up tubeless, as they have the Bontrager Tubeless Ready beads.

Bontrager’s Chris Clinton says that although the set is meant to be run together, he won’t be surprised to see folks match sets for front and rear us. In fact, some members of the race team are eying the rear specific 29-3 as a front/rear combination for it’s lighter weight and tread pattern that seems to be reminiscent of  a Hutchinson Python.

Check back in a few days and I should have some more to say on these new treads from Bontrager.


One Response to “Bontrager 29-3 Tires: On Test”

  1. Chris Says:

    Bontrager also has some new FR-3’s that are even larger coming. I’ve blogged about them, including showing pictures and how they compare in size and such to the 29-3’s and WeirWolf 2.55 LT’s on my blog:

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