Sea Otter 2009: Report #5

This will be my final post from Sea Otter 2009. I am heading back home and will resume regular posting next week. Until then, enjoy!


Misfit Psycles will be releasing a 29″er made of steel. Yes… read correctly. It will be hand made of True Temper OX Platinum frame tubes in North America. The prototype was being wheeled around Sea Otter by none other than the Misfit Psycles Emperor hisself, Peter Keiller. The frame looks great and will be powder coated for resale, not slathered in Pledge furniture polish, as this frame was. Look for further updates as the frame comes to fruition.


Speedway Cycles in Anchorage, Alaska is run by Greg Matyas and he comes to Sea Otter with news that his titanium “Fatback” rigs are now being made by Lynskey Performance. The down tube is pretty heavily massaged on this beast and there are really cool details like rack mounts that attach to Old Man Mountain racks without adapters.


The fork is steel and looks impossibly spindly next to that enormous Endomorph tire.


Greg had Phil Wood machine a special high flanged and spaced hub for the Fatback and it yields even spoke tensions with a resulting stronger wheel.

Some day I’ll have one of these beasts!

That wraps up the Sea Otter 2009 29 inch coverage. Look for more tech coverage and other Sea Otter related stories on The Cyclist


No Responses to “Sea Otter 2009: Report #5”

  1. tbone Says:

    Great coverage on Sea Otter GT!!! Its been great to be able to pull up all the 29er specific stuff on this site. Thanks!

  2. Cloxxki Says:

    Dito, thanks!!

  3. AC Says:

    Funny !! I passed some guy riding that Misfit Psycles bike and didn’t even notice the frame because of the bars. They looked wierd because of the foam.

  4. peter keiller Says:

    In other breaking news the dissent (fe) is missing at LAX.
    Cancelled United flights forced last minute terminal and airline changes…we have been separated for a while now…
    Please be kind if you find it on a carousel in Denver.

  5. AC Says:

    Sorry to hear that Peter. Hopefully it will turn up.

    I was the guy who asked you if you were racing and discussed your foam covered bars.

    Good luck

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