Trek District Debut


Finally after being pushed back about 8 months the belt drive bike from Trek, the District, is being shipped!  One arrived at our shop this morning and we will be building it up this morning.  Keep a look on this post as we update it with photos and a short spin around on the bike.

12:40pm  On boxing photos :

5:$5pm Busy day at the shop, click over at the latest post for full photos.


18 Responses to “Trek District Debut”

  1. sygyzy Says:

    Finally! Looking forward to reading about this.

  2. creede Says:

    Wahooo! It’s good to finally see one in the wild. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the ride.

  3. » Blog Archive » Trek District Unboxing Photos Says:

    […] good folks over at were lucky enough to get a new Trek District in today. They are currently unboxing the beauty and […]

  4. teck Says:

    That’s awesome! Been waiting to hear more about this…hopefully even try it out too!

  5. Gnipgnop Says:

    How does the belt get replaced as it goes around the frame? Does the frame or belt come apart?

  6. linkfeedr » Blog Archive » Links for 2009-04-17 [] - RSS Indexer (beta) Says:

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  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    Gnipgnop: The rear drop out comes off and there is a slot between the chain stay and seat stay where the belt slips through. Click through to Arleigh’s other pics from the link at the bottom of her post here. There are some good views of the drop out.

  8. Gnipgnop Says:

    Very clever! Thank you, sir!

  9. Eric Says:

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this bike. Love it. What’s the name/location of the shop?

  10. Ján Varhol Says:

    I got this bike a while as a wallpaper so I am really looking forward to any information about realy this bike is about 🙂

  11. prphoto Says:

    Thanks for photos arleigh
    I’m just curious when you look at Dexter how many Districts do they say are available? Hint: none estimated shipping date July 9

  12. Arleigh Says:

    Prphoto :

    We have had this district on back order for 6 months. All the Districts that came in on this shipment were allotted to stores. The due date you see is if you place an order today through dexter, not if you have had them on back order.

  13. prphoto Says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Any chance you back ordered a Soho?

  14. Arleigh Says:

    Yep, we plan on stocking both Soho’s and the District

  15. prphoto Says:

    Hope the Sohos show up soon too. Our rep says we should get our Districts “soon”. We back-ordered about 3 months ago. I would like to know if you can “ratchet” the belt that is can you make it slip? I think GT told me last year at Sea otter that he rode the Spot at demo days (Interbike) and it did have some slippage. GT can you correct or affirm this? I know this isn’t rocket science Gates has been making belts for a 100 years and bikes don’t generate as much torque as some of their other applications.

  16. Diana Says:

    I want to meet bicycle riders in Leesburg, Florida.
    Good Luck to you all!

  17. AC Says:

    I’ve ridden the District it’s it a nice ride. I love the belt drive. My LBS has a 60CM, which is too big for me, but still had fun testing riding it.. Good stuff!

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