Sea Otter 2009 : Breezer Bikes

Breezer Bikes are still ticking even after the brand was purchased by Fuji.   Oh you didn’t hear?  Neither did I.  It seems that back in September of 2008 Advanced Sports Inc (owners of Kestrel, SE and Fuji) purchased Breezer.   Joe Breeze is still kept on board to promote the line and design new bikes, in fact the press release mentions Joe Breeze mountain bikes!  We haven’t heard or seen any of these bikes.

Read original press release of ASI purchasing Breezer here.

p1000424 p1000426 p1000429


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2 Responses to “Sea Otter 2009 : Breezer Bikes”

  1. Guitar Ted Says:

    Hey, I actually have a couple images of the Breezer mtb’s. Classic steel and an aluminum hardtail coming for 2010. I’ll have to get those up on the site!

  2. Sea Otter News (Update 1) | Mountain Bike Racing Says:

    […] Sea Otter 2009 : Breezer Bikes | The Cyclist […]

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