Sea Otter 2009: Report #1

Here at The Sea Otter Classic, just before exhibitors open up, I have some tidbits for ya’all to chew on.

Stan’s Introduces a Wider Raven: Stan’s No Tubes announces a 2.2 inch version of the 29″er sized Raven tire which is also available in 700X35mm, 26X2.2, 26X2.0, and 29X2.0 sizes. Should be a great race tire for folks running rigid fronts on their 29″ers.

White: It’s The New Black!: Also from No Tubes comes the announcement that the Arch, ZTR 355, and Flow 29″er rims will be available in a white powdercoat now along with, the corresponding 26″er sizes in those models.

Foes Racing 29″er: Foes Racing is officially unveiling the 2:1 B-29 model at Sea Otter. The bike features a 2:1 leverage ratio and uses a Curnutt XTD Air Shock platform. The frame will have 4 inches of travel and retail for $2999.00

Fox Shox News: Fox Racing Shox has released news that it has added “Fit” technology to it’s F-29 model which is basically shaves weight and increases damping. The 15QR is also coming on 2010 F-29 models along with a remote lock out option.

Stay tuned for more from the Sea Otter Classic!


No Responses to “Sea Otter 2009: Report #1”

  1. 20.100 Says:

    Like last year, i think that the sea otter gonna be a bit disappointing in terms of news.
    We already know for Specialized and RockyMountain and Giant. What is left ?

  2. MMcG Says:

    3 Grand for a Foes frame only??? Holy Crap!

  3. martini Says:

    3g? dayum.

  4. MMcG Says:

    I keep wondering if that $2,999 price tag for the Foes is true or a typo.

  5. Guitar Ted Says:

    20.100: Ye of little faith…….;)

    martini, MMcG: That’s the info given in the BRAIN produced Sea Otter press kit. I’ll confirm that with Brent Foes hisself. 🙂

  6. gc Says:

    im just stoked that people will s top bitching about the 2400 hundo for a dw turner!

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