Jango Bikes Now Available in the US

The line of bicycles by the name of Jango are finally hitting the US market this month.  The line is brought to the market by Topeak, makers of cycling tools and accessories.  We first saw them at Interbike 2008 with the catchy colors and designs on the paint schemes. There are 6 different models ranging from 26″/700c and men’s or women’s specific.


The unique design of these bikes are the “ports” that allow plug and play off many various accessories including cages, fenders, racks and so on.  The number is sitting around 30* for all these accessories but more are being released as the months pass.

We are looking forward to the first reviews of consumers and stocking shops as the bikes are built and put on the shops floors.  The only downfall I see of these bikes are the specific oriented accessories.  You won’t be able to walk into any bike shop and purchase these accessories off the show room floor.  I’m intrigued to see how dedicated these parts will be, years ago Trek tried to have a dedicated plug and play rear racks on their Navigator (comfort hybrid) series.  The system ran for a couple years and now all their frames are standard braze on rack months.

*Here are the accessories listed on the Jango website as of date:
U-Beam Lock
Side Frame for U BeamRack
Trailer Fender
QuickTrack Tubular Rack, Front
Tubular Lowrider with Kickstand
Trailer Pole and Flag
Side Pannier Bag
Handlebar Bag
Wedge Pack
Topeak Ratchet Rocket
Topeak Mini Morph™
Topeak Mt. Rocket ALT MasterBlaster
Topeak BabySeat
Topeak Handy Phone Pack
MTX TrunkBag
MTX TrunkBag EXP
Adjustable Chain Cover

DeFender™ M3 for 26″ Bike, Rear
Panoram JV12
RedLite™ UFO, mini

Dynamo Front Light (EQ models)
Topeak RedLite™ UFO
WhiteLite™ JP 2W

WhiteLite™ HP 2W PowerPack
Easy Mount Kickstand
QuickTrack Tubular Rack, Rear

QuickTrack U BeamRack
Topeak Modula™ Cage
Fender for 700C Bike, Front

Fender for 700C bike, Rear
Topeak DeFender™ M1 for 26″ Bike, Front
Cable Lock


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