Hoss Technical Gear: Ponderosa Knickers: First Impressions

The Hoss Technical Gear parade continues on The Bike Lab with the Ponderosa Knicker up next. As I stated in the previous piece on he Polo Pony jersey, I am pretty particular on what I put on my body. Don’t ask where I got my sensibilities, I just know what I like, and what I don’t like!  The Ponderosa Knickers  I was sent were in the “Logo Print” pattern. It’s kind of a stylized “barbed wire” look. I wasn’t too keen on wearing these outdoors due to this, I’ll admit. But outdoors I did go, and wearing these knickers too. You know, the pattern kind of grew on me, but I would prefer the black, and there are other three other styles to choose from as well. So no worries there.

The pattern on these knickers were a little much at first.

The pattern on these knickers were a little much at first.


The Ponderosa Knicker has a 6 panel sewn in short with a chamois that is Cool Max and “Sanitized” with a multi-layer technology for your riding comfort. I found it to be quite pleasant. The inner liner fit well, and the chamois was comfy up to three hours in the saddle. Moisture management in the cool temperatures I was riding in (25- 50 degrees) wasn’t an issue, but I’ll reserve judgemet on that until I get into warmer temps. The outer short is pretty thin feeling, but oddly enough, I felt warm with just a wool long john wearing these even in the coldest range of the temperatures I rode in. The outer short was unobtrusive, easy to adjust, and stayed pretty much right where they are pulled up to. No “plumbers crack” action here! The legs came down to just about middle of the calf, right where they are supposed to. Fit-wise, these seem right on the money.

Functionally, the pockets were good sized and plentiful. Stuff I put in the pockets was secure and rode well while on the bike. It didn’t get in the way of any manuevering I was doing, which was a pleasant thing to find in these knickers. While lots of pockets are cool, if the stuff you put in them doesn’t ride well on the bike, you probably won’t use them. Somebody at Hoss must be paying attention here, because I found this to be one of my favorite features of the Ponderosa Knickers.
So far the only thing I was hoping for was that Hoss would consider doing the knicker idea with a removeable liner. Yes, it would cost more, I realize that. But it would make them much more versatile. For instance, in colder weather I like to wear a tight with a chamois built in and slap some knickers over the top for functionality. (Pockets!) Plus, I don’t look like one of Robin Hood’s Mery Men on my bike. (Not that men in tights is a bad thing, just sayin’!) So with that in mind, I still am impressed with the Hoss Ponderosa Knickers. I’ll come back with some warmer weather testing results soon.


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