Soma Fabrications Announces “B Side” 650B MTB Is Available

Some while back, Soma Fabrications announced that they were doing a 650B mtb project dubbed the “B Side”. Eagerly anticipated by the 650B fans, Soma has now announced that the frame is ready to be purcased. Here’s the announcement as it appeared on the Somafeed Blog:












The B-Side cross country frame has arrived, so if you want one, ask your bike shop or distributor to order. Less than 100 produced in this first run.
Geometry has been up on the main site for a while. This project was our first foray into the 650b MTB platform. Kirk Pacenti approached us with his vision for 650b mountain bikes in the summer of 2007. Some of the benefits of this new platform:

– Allows shorter riders to experience the enhanced ride of bigger wheels (stability, greater obstacle roll-over capability)
– Allows frame designers to build frames with more tried and true 26″ tire geometry
– Might be a little more agile than 29ers in tight switchbacks

The B-Side frame features a pure cross country geometry. You can only run disc brakes on it, but you can set it up single speed or geared. There is plenty of tire clearance for the 2.3″ Pacenti Neo Motos, the fattest 650b tires currently made. To increase standover clearance, the seat tubes run extra short, so a long seatpost is recommended. A suspension-corrected rigid fork is available


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