GEAX Barro Race 29"er Tires: Update

Editor’s Note: Captain Bob wasn’t quite ready yet when I posted my First Impressions on the Geax Barro race 29″er tires, so here is his story now. The Captain used his set of Barro race tires with tubes. Here’s his report…..

Here is my Out of the Box and First Impressions post on the Geax Barro Race 29″er tire. I received them a while back but have not had much time at all to ride them so I decided to hold off on posting my initial thoughts until now. On Guitar Ted’s scale they weighed in at 630 grams. This may seem a little overweight for a race tire for some but when you feel the sidewalls you know why. They are beefy so I wouldn’t think the sidewalls would tear very easy. In fact, I have just placed an order for some tubeless rims. That’s how excited I am to go tubeless. For now, I have the Barro’s mounted up to my old Alex TD17 rims and I am running them with tubes. They measured up a little on the narrow side. One being 48.10mm and the other 47.92. Remember that these rims are really narrow. They did grow over a weeks time to 49.75 and 49.69.


Mounting was quite a struggle. They are tight. But it didn’t take too long to complete as the bead stretched enough after about 10 minutes of waiting and regaining my strength. I aired the tires up to about 40 psi and them dropped it down to about 28 psi. I have kept them at 28 psi since. Like Guitar Ted wrote earlier these tires seem to hook up really well in the driveway test. My lane is long and is raised up from the ground level about three feet. Riding along the side of it was a breeze as the side knobs are pretty big for such a narrow, racey tire.


I have not had the option to get on any good trails yet but I was able to get out a few times on some gravel and paved trails. One of those gravel roads led me to a nature preserve area that is home to quite a bit of birds. It’s a backwater for the river down the road from my house. They have a nice doubletrack trail that follows the levies. Great place to ride this time of year while the other trails are drying up. Some of the trails are deep from the vehicle traffic. I made a point of trying to drift from one lane to the other so I could judge the bite of the side knobs. So far they are getting a passing grade. There are no climbs or any technical sections so my thoughts on that will have to wait for now. The Barro’s seem to roll pretty good on gravel too. Cornering seems smooth and predictable. They feel and ride like they are made with a softer compound than the Geax Saguaro’s which make them roll a tad slower on smoother gravel sections. Rolling on the paved surfaces is where you really notice the softer compound of the rubber and the widely spaced center knobs. They feel a bit sluggish, but, they are a mountain bike tire afterall. There is another thing I noticed too. I am not sure what’s going on here but they give off a muted feeling. They seem to soak up the smallest rocks and trail debree. Even little tiny twigs seem to go unnoticed. You feel them but just barely. It’s wierd and I will have to report back on that as the trails get a little harder to see if I still notice it. Whatever it is that I am feeling I like it.
But I do need to stress that I don’t have many miles on them yet so this is just a first impressions post.

Captain Bob

The good news is our trails are firming up and we will have some more substantial posts coming in the near future. Stay tuned!


No Responses to “GEAX Barro Race 29"er Tires: Update”

  1. chris_geotec Says:

    Hi CB,
    you have the TNT version? If so the move to go tubeless was defimately right and it will display the tire´s true characteristic.

    Have fun, looking forward to more impressions.

  2. Andy Says:


    When will these tires be making it to the market? Both the TNT and folding.

    I’ve been interested in them since their initial announcement back in the fall. They’d make a killer addition to my rolling/fast XC race setup.

  3. chris_geotec Says:

    Hi Andy,

    I am surprised they are not available in the US yet. Are you sure? Here in Europe you can easily purchase them through the distibutor. Need a set?

  4. Andy Says:

    Yeah, I’d like to try them out. Where can I get a set? I looked through the QBP (gigantic US distributor of all things bike) site at the shop today and couldn’t find them.

    I have a race coming up in May , with a lot of dry, dusty, fast singletrack, long fire road transitions and short punchy climbs. The folding version of the Barro Race would be great.

  5. chris_geotec Says:

    Hi Andy,

    I don´t know if that makes sense to you but I could send you a set of Barro Race for roughly € 30.- (pure shipping). If you like them (or ruin them), you pay me retail; if not you send them back. How about that?
    I have TNT´s right away. Folding will take up to 2 weeks.
    If we get more sets shipping might come cheaper.


  6. Theran Martin Says:


    Where in Europe are you located?

  7. herve Says:

    where in europe for 30 € ,is it possible to have the address ?

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