More Rumors…….

The rumor mill is cranking big time in the Big Wheeled World! You’d never know the economy was in the dumps if all you could see was the cycling industry. (Down a bit, yes, but no where near what reality in a lot of sectors is like.) Okay, enough about economics, on to the rumors!

A Tomac Bikes 29?: Here’s a head scratcher for ya. Tomac Bikes, which gets its name from John Tomac, consumate racer and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame member, is also associated with Kenda Tires. “Johnny T” having his signature on a 29″er tire design even. Then consider that Tomac Bikes is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, a place that you can’t swing a bat and not hit a 29″er rider in. (Don’t try the bat thing on your trails, please!) Thinking about all of thses things, why wouldn’t Tomac Bikes have a 29″er in the line up? Well, they haven’t………not yet!

A reader of Twenty Nine Inches that wishes to remain anonymous has told me that a 29″er is being test ridden by Tomac Bikes now. It would appear that some sort of 29″er hard tail will make an appearance in Tomac Bikes 2010 line. Stay tuned…………

Something Titanium, Something “Lefty”, Something Oversized: It has been whispered in my ear by a very reliable source that there will be a hardtail 29″er going into production any day now that will be made of titanium. This particular model, (the name of which was not divulged) will have a BB-30 bottom bracket, and a Lefty front suspension fork. This sounds rather intriguing and you can be sure I will be on the story as details surface.

Titanium Fork Still On The Way: I’ve heard from a couple sources that a production titanium fork for 29″ers would be coming. That rumor had grown cold, but recently it was re-confirmed to me that indeed, production is going forward. When this fork might actually appear is not known, but I will report on any new as soon as it is available.


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  1. t0m Says:

    BB30 and Lefty are both Cannondale’s designs. But a Ti frame? ‘Dale would never… would they? But it would seem odd for a small builder to commit to two “abnormal” standards. Will the Lefty use the unnecessary 1.5″ head tube as well, just to make it a nonstandard stew? Don’t get me wrong, both of these designs work, but do cyclists need anymore proprietary, arbitrary, hard to spare standards? BB30 seems to be catching on in the roadie scene, but for MTBs, not so much.

    Yes, I am a bit of a retrogrouch, fire away.

  2. JeroenK Says:

    Would they?

    I guess they would never stop producing frames in the USA too…

    Merlin once made a headshox compatible frame. Perhaps Merlin?

  3. Oderus Says:

    Let’s not forget that Cannondale is owned by the same folks that own Pacific Cycles (Schwinn, Mongoose, GT). GT and Mongoose have built (or outsourced) Ti frames in the past. Mongoose outsourced to Sandvik in the late 90’s early 00’s for their Ti hardtails and they were pretty nice bikes. GT had Ti frames many years earlier. Julie Furtado raced one back in her days of ruling the courses. So I think that the resources and know how are all there to put together a sweet package….even if Cannondale does not necessarily construct it in house.

  4. troll killer Says:

    “…is also associated with Kenda Tires. “Johnny T” having his signature on a 29″er tire design even.”

    sure why not? he’s already got his name on a 650b tire.



  5. Sevo Says:

    Actually it was Ti Sports that made the Mongoose ti frames. I had one it wasn’t ad.

  6. timp Says:

    IF has a Ti 29er already on their website with a Lefty, and they are now doing BB30’s on their road stuff, so it looks to me that they have the option to be able to build one. Or is there someone else doing one as well?

    I love the lefty, and BB30. Thanks Cannondale for those two great innovations!

  7. Cloxxki Says:

    Funny, he is saying the 100g (for 1″ of wheel diameter) is well worth it. 29″ happens to offer 2.5″ for about 150-200. Not worth it?
    The 355 rim comes in 29″ as well (adding just 30-40g over 26″). Plenty of race tires come in 29″ (adding 30-50g). Tube(les)s is weight neutral. Spokes add 20-25g or so for 29″ over 26″. Depending on the fork design, a longer fork, a longer spacer, or less spacer required.

    30mm axles are nice, but BB30 is a bit restictive, isn’t it? BSA frames can take 30mm cranks just fine.

  8. Guitar Ted Says:

    Cloxxki: I think what we are witnessing is the Pro ranks starting to accept the idea that an alternative wheel size to 26 inch (559 ISO) might be something to play with. Surely Jeremiah Bishop was exposed to this sort of thinking while at the Trek squad. However; due to the restraints of his sponsorship, he couldn’t do the experimenting he perhaps had in mind. At least not with a number plate on the bike. 😉

    The Fontana video I viewed showed a decent smattering of big wheelers all throughout the field of 120 riders. from the front to the back, riders were doing well with them. This will now give other riders pause to consider such things as “B” wheels and 29″ers as something other than a nutty curiosity. The equipment to run a bigger diameter wheel is race worthy, as you point out. I just think that riders are trying different bikes and combinations to find an advantage now.

    I like it. I think it is good for the sport. I think the “outside of the box” thinking might invigorate XC and marathon racing now. At least for a bit. At least here in the States.

  9. Cloxxki Says:

    While the pro’s are cautiously figuring out what we already know, shall we just progress towards 32″? Bit more weight, lots more speed and fun!

  10. mtbboy2000 Says:

    form cycles for the bb30 and oversized headtube?

  11. Guitar Ted Says:

    mtbboy2000: Nope! Thanks for trying! 🙂

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