Shedfire Announces New Brand

A few posts back we mentioned that Brant Richard’s design company, Shedfire, was doing a titanium hard tail called the “Ragsley”. This is a 26″er bike, but knowing that Brant can design mean 29″er, (see On One’s Inbred), we felt sure that at some point we would see a 29″er coming out of…….well, that’s just it. We didn’t have a name for the brand, that is until now. See the imbedded press release for more………

for immediate release
because if we do it tommorow you will think we’re joking
though I’ve left it late enough on the 31st March that you’ll have to get it up fast…
Brant Richards names his new brand as “tweak bikes”
The brand name for the product developed by his Shedfire Design company will
be known as “tweak bikes” – Richards said this afternoon.
“We’ve been working hard since the beginning of February and our first model,
the Ragley Ti, is scheduled to hit the factory floor at Lynskey Performance in
Chattanooga on Friday. With fingers crossed, we should see production product,
for sale in 4 weeks or less.” said Richards from his shed in Calderdale.
Tweak are also in the final stages of agreeing terms with the UK’s largest
bespoke dried meat manufacturer to allow us to offer our own range of dried
meat products “though he’s not got back to me since yesterday yet”, said
Tweak Bikes product will be distributed to the world through Hotlines. Illy Anastasi,
Hotlines General Manager said “We are extremely excited to be given the
opportunity to distribute what will be a very unique and important brand for now
and the future. Hotlines looks forward to working with Brant to develop tweak into
one of the UK’s leading brands. If the Ragley is anything to go by then we are in
for some great times ahead!”
Contact details:-
Tweak Bikes:

So, I suppose if you are a fan, that would make you a “tweaker”, eh?

Ah………anyway. Look for an aluminum 29″er to emerge at some point along with some other goodies from the fertile mind of Mr. Richards. We’ll report on anything once it sprouts up.


No Responses to “Shedfire Announces New Brand”

  1. Willie Says:

    I always thought “tweaker” was somebody who did alot of crystal meth.

  2. Fastfossil Says:

    Nothing like a little crystal meth to make you pedal like crazy.

  3. grannygear Says:

    Tweak Bikes…interesting. Helps keep ya thinner than the average bike. Odd choice. Perhaps it is a British thing or is Mr. Richards from this continent?


  4. Sevo Says:

    I think he’s a South Park fan. Tweak is a character there.

  5. Joel Says:

    I think this sounds like a one day early April fools joke. Better than many of the other attempts out there (Velonews/Cyclingnews). If not, sorry Brant for thinking the name of your new bike line sounds like a joke.

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