Geax Barro Race 29″er Tires On Test

Twenty Nine Inches just took delivery of some Geax 29″er tires. This time it is the Barro Race with the TNT bead and sidewalls. TNT is Geax’s version of tubeless ready that they call “Tube-No Tube”, thus the “TNT” moniker. The Barro Race is billed as a cross country racing tread or hardpack trail tire that features a 2 inch width. The tread is quite open and the knobs are arranged on a chevron type pattern.








 The Barro Race will come in three versions: The folding bead version, which will be the lightest at around 425 grams, the TNT version, which weighed 630 grams on our digital scale, and the UST version which will weigh more yet, probably in the mid 700 gram range. Geax promised us that the Barro Race would be a “true two incher”, so we will get to mountng these up, tubeless of course, and we will report back. Stay tuned………..

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