Knog Skink : On Review

Knog has become a fashion staple for many commuters with personality.  First it was their Frog lights with the snazy colors and ease of use.  Then they brought their original Aussie style for all commuter and all around cyclist to use.

On review we have their 4 LED light, the Skink*.  In either white or red this light can be used as a headlight or a very bright taillight thanks to those 4 LEDs.  The look and feel of this light is very unique as it’s long, rubbery like their Frog lights and has an elastic band that strap around your handlebar or seatpost.


Retailing for around $35 this light has a large punch to it.  With 5 different flashing modes you can gain attention of motorist or light your way home.  The only con is how wide the unit itself is.  On many of my handlebars I didn’t have enough space to clamp the light so it found a permanent home on the one commuter bike that I use with flat bars.

Pros : Price for brightness.  Snazzy colors.  Unique looking
Cons :
Not many shops carry them.  Very wide design is not compatible with wrapped handlebars.

I will follow up this review once I learn how long my batteries really are lasting on the unit that is under test.

*The Knog website did not list the Skink light. This is a current light as of this articles posting date but the Knog website does not seem to be updated.


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