Sneak Peek From Shedfire Design

Brant Richards, former designer extraodanaire of many On One products and now working his own design company under the name “Shedfire“, has released an image of a Lynskey Performance Design built titanium frame. Will it make it to “big wheel status”? We don’t know as yet, and we don’t know the new brand’s name either. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to find this or something like it being made as a 29″er from “The Nameless Company” though. Stay tuned!

Ragley titanium hardtail
Little is known about the “Ragley” titanium hardtail. Even the brand name is a mystery!

Ragley BB area
Update: Another picture surfaced of the bottom bracket area showing this asymetrical brace.

No Responses to “Sneak Peek From Shedfire Design”

  1. brant Says:

    I really must do proper press releases rather than rush pics out when I’m about to put the kids in the bath.

    We will be offering a 29er with some of the new key [brand] design features – new dropouts, new seatstay configuration, but best of all a funky chainstay design that will ROCK for 29ers.

    More soon. Promise.

  2. jncarpenter Says:

    TEASE!!!! πŸ™‚

  3. wunnspeed Says:

    Wow…. didn’t know that Brant wasn’t with On-One anymore. Guess I need to spend more time on the forums again. Looks like a really nice frame.

  4. Sevo Says:

    Pretty impressed. The drive side chainstay seemed odd then I double checked and wow… .

  5. Dirt McGirt Says:

    B.A. Barackus….

  6. Iowagriz Says:

    What is the hole (tapped?) on the non-drive side for?

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    Iowagriz: Removable cable stop. πŸ˜‰

  8. grannygear Says:

    OH…removable cable stops…most excellent.


  9. captain bob Says:

    Cable stop? Would this mean that the cables will run along the side of the top tube? Hope not. This would tear up my knee badly.

  10. brant Says:

    Guide not stop.

    cables route from side to underneath top tube.

    expect you’ll now say you don’t like that quoting “dig in my shoulder”?

    we have a solution for that too though πŸ˜‰

  11. captain bob Says:

    You are good Brant….should start your own business someday! πŸ™‚

    I am not a big fan of top tube cable routing so that’s cool. I like under the tt or on the down tube. That’s were I like it. I actually don’t even like gears! So, I know it’s early in your venture but are you thinking of a ss only frame?

    I am anxious to hear/see more. Thanks

  12. brant Says:

    I am kind of running very hard away from the “steel singlespeed” thing, as that was such an intrinsic part of on-one, and is kind of what people are expecting of me.

    but at the same time, it’s something that’s very close to me usually – though I am happy with my 22t chainring and 32t rear cog right now.

    nothing yet, but sometime maybe.

  13. jimmythefly Says:

    Nice. Looks like that chainstay-bb shell brace is there so narrow cranks and fat tires can all play nice together? I like the caliper location on the chainstay, too.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Brant –
    I’ll just speak for myself or maybe a bunch of folks…….I know its nice to do something “different” than steel HT, but that is one of the reaosns we liked your design influence @ on-one. Some folks – like me- can’t pony up the cost of steel
    I can tell you that a Summer Session style 29er in steel would turn more than just my wallet to open…..any chance something like this is coming down the line? 120mm forks ae here. Tires and rims are here. No more excuses on “waiting for the parts to develop” – lets make this thing huh???

  15. brant Says:

    There are huge problems with steel frames in Europe at the moment as the European Union have brought in a fatigue test – BS EN 14766:2005 – which rips the crap out of steel frames. I mean really pulls them to bits. Alloy and carbon frames can pass this test, or be modified to pass it far easier.
    Right now I am working on a steel long travel hardtail for 26in wheels which passes this, but the 29er version I want to do has an even longer axle-crown dimension, and so will require more work.
    Working in alloy is much easier as there are a bunch of thickly locally butted tubesets available. Ti isn’t a problem either.
    However, I am working on a very compliant alloy frameset, with the added bonus of other “easier-to-do-in-alloy” things – like 1.5in head tubes etc.

    So lots to come. And certainly a “Summer Season 29er” is on the card, though in alloy, not steel for now.

  16. Kiwi Says:

    Wow, Brant they look hot! How will you be selling / distributing them?

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